Here’s some videos and podcasts I’ve been on, as well as other appearances around the retro gaming community!

For my Guest episodes on the RetroBreak Podcast, click here

Miyoo Mini Plus Review for MechDIY:

8 INSANE Nights Into Dreams Games & Spin-offs – Video with St1ka

A joint effort between St1ka and I as we document every NiGHTS Into Dreams spin off! Had a great time sharing some of the strangest games in the series! Enjoy!

Podcast with Link To The Cast

From Link To The Cast: w/ Nick Westwood from Retro Break (

00:30 Free Tote Bags, Nick’s Retro Collection and Bargain Hunting
06:40 Nick’s Early Gaming Experiences
10:10 Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania
11:30 Emulation and it’s relationship with Retro Games
15:15 NeoGeo Pocket, Retro Game Modding and SNK
37:40 Lightyear
45:45 Good Luck to you, Leo Grande
50:45 Nick’s take on Jurassic World Dominion
52:05 Nick’s take on Sonic 2
52:55 Sonic Origins
61:20 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Shredder’s Revenge
67:20 Card Shark
77:55 Jack’s been spending too much money on Mewtwos
86:50 Nick’s channel and his future plans
90:25 Gimme something to RetroBreak

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Podcast Episode With Essex Retro Gamer

From Essex Retro Gamer:

This is Chatting With Tubers, a brand new playlist in which we talk to some of the biggest and best YouTubers on the Retro Gaming scene! Retro gaming is Nick’s first love, you can see the excitement on his face when he finds something he wants or fires up that homebrew game boy game hes been waiting for! At over 12,000 subs we get his views on YouTube, Collecting and learn about him as a person!

Podcast Episode with NintenTap and VGMobster

Pixelated Memories – Video Appearance with Budget Nostalgia

From Budget Nostalgia: Premiered Jul 24, 2020:

Following on from the original video I did for the Snes/Megadrive I thought this time it’d be fun to ask if anyone wanted to share their stories from the N64/PS1/Saturn and more people said yes than I’d thought. Meaning this is only part 1 of the series.

Retro Game Pickups for GamesYouLoved

From Games You Loved:

In this video @RetroBreak aka NIck shows us his gaming pickups. You can check out Nick’s YouTube channel here:

We will be covering more retro gaming community Youtubers here so if you have a collection video, retro games and retro consoles / computer pickups, room tour or any retro gaming story you’d like to tell please get in touch with us @gamesyouloved at

Stories From The Retro Gaming YouTube Community

A series of videos where I invited other YouTubers to discuss why they love retro games:


  • The Retro Future
  • Sorax Space
  • Oliver Harper
  • Larry Bundy Jr
  • Ashens
  • Since Spacies
  • Sega Master Tim
  • Stewies Retro Gaming
  • Nintentap
  • MegaDru
  • 80’s Nostalgia
  • King Monkey
  • Pelvic Gaming
  • Pixel Pursuit
  • Zed at the ShovelWarehouse
  • The Retro Room Roo
  • Onaretrotip
  • PixelBison
  • Super Nerds UK
  • ColonelFalcon
  • Kim Justice
  • Games You Loved
  • Top Hat Gaming Man
  • Neil Flynn
  • Tamaracade
  • Retro Prime
  • Budget Nostalgia
  • VG Mobster
  • GolfDumgren
  • Dominoid

Part 1:

Part 2: