About me

Hi, I’m Nick Westwood. RetroBreak is my dream project, bringing my love of retro gaming, story telling and content creation together!

Ever since I was a kid, I always loved playing games and creating things, from recording videos with my black and white camera, which plugged directly into the VCR, to recording my own “Podcasts” using a tape recorder! Little did I know that I’d end up doing these things semi-professionally, and have a growing audience of people who care about what I’m creating too!

In 2007, I decided to set up my own YouTube channel after getting a digital camera for Christmas that year. That channel is still going today, just under a new name… Take a look back at the history of my channel in this video:

Another dream of mine was to make games, and I did peruse this for a while, including even completing College and University courses in Game Design!

When I started Uni, I had to write about what got me interested in games. I have uploaded that essay on my site, so if you’re curious as to how I got my start in gaming, check this post out!

Ultimately I have put game development on hold for now while I focus on other creative projects. You can listen to my game dev journey in the below Podcast episodes:

Back to today, my goal is to create the best retro gaming content on the internet! I have big plans to grow the channel and this website, so I hope you all stick around for the journey!

If you enjoy my content, please consider following me on YouTube, and supporting on Patreon to help me with my ultimate goal of taking this hobby full time!

Personal Posts:

What do I want from YouTube? (and WHY!)

I just finished watching the latest video by Nate Black. For those that don’t know, he’s a YouTube coach who recently left a channel called Channel Makers to start his own channel. Here’s the video I just finished watching: In the video, he asked the audience to answer two questions:What do you want YouTube to…

Creators Network Meet-up

I recently attended a creators meet-up at a local independent cinema, It was great to go and meet other creative people in person! There was a wide range of different people there, all involved in various aspects of media creation, from script writing, to theatre, to YouTube and TikTok! We started by giving introductions, it…

The Struggle Of Getting Back Into Making Games…

Some of you may know that I actually studied Game Design, first at college form 2008 – 2010, and then at University from 2010 – 2014! You wouldn’t really know it today though as I’m comfortably sitting at my desk working away on SharePoint and producing MI, it’s a far cry from what I thought…


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