Creators Network Meet-up

I recently attended a creators meet-up at a local independent cinema, It was great to go and meet other creative people in person!

There was a wide range of different people there, all involved in various aspects of media creation, from script writing, to theatre, to YouTube and TikTok!

We started by giving introductions, it was so interesting to know that there’s all these creative people who live locally and all have their own goals and aspirations and work so hard on their craft, just like I do! I made a mental note to make sure to speak to a couple who made movies and had also made and released a game on the switch and PlayStation!

After introductions were over, we listened to a talk by film producer, Gary Delaney. He spoke about how he accidentally got into the film industry, through originally starting out writing a book about his experience making an American football team in the UK with exclusively American players. He decided to change the book format to a screen play, and it got noticed and picked up by some important people. Fast forward and now he is a professional film director and producer and has several released films!

The most interesting part of his talk was about how one of the films he had greenlit got cancelled at the last minute because of the collapse of Blockbuster and HMV! Some people there said his story was so compelling he should turn THAT into a film too!

The rest of the evening I spent talking to that couple who made the game. It was a narrative FMV game called I saw black clouds. It was really interesting to hear how their knowledge of film making transfer into game development, as well as finding out about the business side of things too!

On the way out I was stopped by a few people who wanted to speak with me and find out about my channel, which I really appreciated as I didn’t think my creative endeavours would have been that interesting to the majority of people there!

Overall it was a great evening, and I’ll definitely be going to the next one! Ive been asked to do a talk there myself one day where I will be sharing my knowledge of how to grow an audience on YouTube!

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