RetroBreak Rewind #12 – December 2021

A great end to a strange year…

The past two months had been very difficult for me and the channel, so I went into December expecting more of the same, I am shocked at how well my videos have done this month! Especially since I have had just as little time to prepare the videos as the previous months!

I did make sure that each video was interesting and one that I knew would do better than the previous few months, I actually put a few ideas off to make sure I gave myself a good chance, here’s a look at the stats for the month, compared to last month:



The first video in December was:

4 New Game Boy Homebrew Releases!

These were going to all have separate videos, but I felt like i’d already done too many homebrew videos in a short space of time and didn’t want people to get bored. I decided to bundle these four together, I think it was a good idea. I could still talk about all of them in depth, but keep it fast paced and interesting all the way through, I might do full videos on one or two of them separately in the future though.

Next was a regular end of year video:

Top 10 Games I Played In 2021!

I was excited to make this one, as it’s something i’ve made every year since I started making weekly videos when I moved in here back in 2017. This was a pretty easy and simple one to make, but I put a lot of time into editing it well so people wouldn’t loose interest. Here’s a look at the stats and the retention for this one:

Pretty much the entire video is above average ion terms of retention, apart from the small dip during the sponsor section shown in the screenshot above.

Next was:

Mega Man The Wily Wars – Collectors Edition Review!

Another video I was really excited to make! I’d been looking forward to this release for a long time, so Iput a lot of time and effort into the script and edit for this one, and I think it shows in the final product and the reception it got! Definitely one of my favourite videos I made all year!

The next video was another one that i’d been excited to make for a long time!

Analogue Pocket Review – The Good and Bad

I also put a lot of time into getting the script right for this one as it was an important video for me, and there was a lot of competition on youtube, the video did well by my regular standards but fell well short of most of the videos on the topic on YouTube, I put that down to the other channels having bigger followings, rather than the quality of the video though…

The final video for this month was only uploaded an hour ago, so I don’t have any stats to show, but it was basically a wrap up video of the past 5 years, and a thank you to all my regular viewers. I’m not bothered about the views or subs from this one, it’s just a bit of an introspective video and a way of rounding out my time in this flat.

Give it a watch here to see some of the best videos i’ve done over the past 5 years!

5 Years Of Weekly Videos!

That’s it for 2021! Thank you for reading these posts over the year! I had fun revisiting the videos month over month and studying the analytics behind the scenes! Next year should be even better! I finished this year just short of my goal of 15,000 subscribers, but I’m determined to grow more next year, and I have set the goal of 30,000 by the end of 2022! Let’s see if we can make that dream a reality! I know I can do it!

here’s a look at the year overall:

Thanks for watching and reading! There’s so much to look forward to!

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