RetroBreak Rewind #11 – November 2021

My worst month all year! Not too surprised because i’ve been rushing these last few months because of the house move, new job and a diploma i’ve started studying for taking up so much of my time and energy.

I’m not going to spend too long analysing this months videos because I already know what went wrong, and that I can do so much better when I have the time to focus, so let’s just say this month was a write off. I’m actually impressed that I managed to keep up my schedule, even if it was slightly at the expense of quality.

A few months ago, by the end of the month most videos would have something like 30 – 50 new subscribers per video, but this month, the most any of the the videos i’ve uploaded has got is… two.

Here’s a look at the numbers compared to the rest of the year.

First video this month was:

What’s Next For RetroBreak? (Q&A / Updates)

I recorded this one from a hotel room in Edinburgh as I was visiting there for work (My new team is all at the Edinburgh office, so I might be travelling up there more often in the future!)

This one actually lost me two subscribers, so I would have been better off not uploading anything at all this week!

Genesis – Game Boy Homebrew Review

Quite surprised this one didn’t do very well, only two new subscribers and the views trailed off pretty fast. Wish I put a bit more time and effort into the video as it was a bit rushed as I had to play, record and edit all in the same night because of other things going on which meant I wasn’t free any other evening that week! I think I still managed to put together a good video and gave the game a fair review.

Next was:

The ULTIMATE Game Boy Setup

Although a more accurate title might be: “whats the fastest video I can get out this week?”

Of course, it didn’t do well at all… just one new subscriber! And a lot of comments saying that it was pointless. Oh well, I had fun putting it together. It was another video that was all made on the same day too!

I probably should have just admitted I didn’t have time to put out great content and take a few weeks off, but I’m worried about letting people down, I have regular Patreons paying money for weekly videos, and of course a regular weekly sponsor I don’t want to let down either.

Next year i’m going to try and be more lenient on myself, not worry too much about getting a video out every single week on a certain time and drop the regular sponsor in favour of one off videos instead. I think this is the best way to go forward and open myself up to other sponsorship options too.

The final video for this month was:

Judging the Game Boy Compo 21 Finalists

I was really happy to be part of this, but I didn’t have that long to play the games, which has seemed to upset a few people in the community. I still feel like I gave them all a fair chance and review though! The raw video was over 2 hours long, and a friend of mine helped edit this one down into a regular video! I’m so glad he offered to help as I wouldn’t have had the chance to edit it all down in time myself!

The video has done ok so far, slightly better than the other videos this month, but nothing amazing. Maybe it’s time to stop focussing on the gameboy for a while? Are people getting burned out by all the same content?

Next month might be another slow one, as i’ll actually finally be moving into the new house, and theres loads to sort out and do once i’m there! If I find time, i’ll write a blog post of the whole moving process and why it’s taken so long and took up so much time! There’s lots to talk about!

Here’s some pics of what the house is like at the moment! Hope it gives an idea of why i’ve been so busy! (Yes, we’re renovating the ENTIRE house at the same time before we move in! (Hopefully by the end of the year!)

Thanks for reading and sticking with me though all this!

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