RetroBreak Rewind #10 – October 2021

This was another weird month for the channel, in fact, none of the videos released this month were actually made during this month! I basically took a month off while working on the new house, going on holiday, and travelling away for work.

I worked really hard the month before to build up a buffer of videos I could release while I was busy. Unfortunately, i’ve not exhausted that backlog of videos, but i’m still super busy!! We’ll see how next month goes and whether I can manage to still make a video each week!

For now though, let’s take a look at the stats for the month…

WOW! Almost my best month so far, just shy of beating August, which had three big videos! I’m actually really surprised considering a lot of these videos were honestly were rushed compared to usual!

Also, I don’t usually like to talk about money on here, but I’m very excited, because this was the first month that passed triple digits!

The first video this month was:

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania Review

Happy with the amount of new people coming tot he channel thanks to this video! I think it helped that I did a giveaway too, Never really see the same with returning and new viewers, so that’s cool to see! Maybe I should make some more new game reviews when they are relevant?

Average view duration and the drop off on the intro are also really good, especially considering there has been around 2000 people who’ve never seen the channel before too!

Next was my Metroid retrospective to coincide with the release of Metroid dread! (A game that i’ve finished now, and it was amazing!!)

Metroid Retrospective – My Journey Through The Series

Made this one a bit different to my previous retrospectives by focussing on my own journey through the series, which people seemed to enjoy! I would love to make more like this when Nintendo releases new games in their classic series!

Not so many new people finding this one, a few in the first two days, but really my subscribers carried this one! Then as usual, after the first two days it dropped off and hasn’t really been seen since.

Next was one i’d had prepared for a few weeks to fill a gap while I was away.

No More Blurry Gamecube Games!

This one did ok with the outside audience. For some reason there was a spike one day, but unfortunately it didn’t take off and went back down after.

Next was a Pickups video

This one has done pretty much how I expect a pickups video to do, with around 1000 views after a few weeks, some people unsubscribed on this one, maybe because it seems like i’m showing off a bit with the thumbnail? The same amount subbed though so it equals out, but I didn’t gain anything from this one..

And finally, 8 Game Boy Homebrew Games From Catskull Electronics!

This one didnt do as well as I thought it would, maybe I need to change the title? It’s only gained me two new subscribers, compared to my last gameboy homebrew video which drew in 44 new subscribers.. Any ideas what needs changing on this one?

Thats it for this month. I’m not expecting to grow much over the next few months, i’m close to moving into the new place though so hopefully in a few months I can start to plan on growing again and making some more interesting videos!

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