RetroBreak Rewind #9 – September 2021

September was a weird month for the channel, it started off with two of the worst performing videos i’ve ever made unfortunately. The first being the SRG Mix Tape, and the second being the preview of Rionu’s Tale for the NES.

As you can see from these graphs for the two videos, both died off almost immediately and never recovered. It was quite a bad time for me, both of them went straight to 10/10 in YoutubeStudio and for those two weeks I only gained 3 or 4 subscribers, when usually i’d get around 50 in the same time period. It’s made me reevaluate whats important to my viewers and what works and what doesn’t. I get told over and over not to worry about the analytics too much, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what I did wrong with these two…

SRG Mix Tape:

I knew they might not do as well as my other videos because they are both something new I haven’t really covered that much before. Indie games never seem to perform as well as retro stuff, so I did kind of expect the SRG one to do badly, but i’m surprised how little interest there was in the NES game! Maybe people only expect Game Boy stuff from me?

Roniu’s Tale:

Because of the bad performance of these two, I made the conscious decision to rearrange my next few videos in order to release one that I knew would bring people back. I was right in thinking it would reverse the direction the channel was heading, it went straight to number 1 on the studio homepage, of course, it was:

15 Great gameCube Games

Surprisingly though, looking at the audience tab shows that the majority of views still came from people have previously watched a video on the channel. I can see why it’s so incredibly hard for anyone to make a start on youtube these days!

The retention graph shows pretty much what I expected, a spike and drop after each game in the list. Its sitting at just under 50% retention which is pretty good for this kind of video

The Shapeshifter – Game Boy Homebrew Review

The final video from September, this was a return tot he gameboy homebrew reviews I love to make! This was the latest game by Greenboy Games, who’s previous games I had been quite critical of, and it was interesting to see how much he had improved from the previous ones!

The video went down well, and was featured on the kickstarter for the new game too which has helped bring in a few new people too! Only a few subscribed through unfortunately

And that’s it for September! It’s becoming difficult to make interesting videos recently because of the slow process of moving house. I don’t have everything with me, so recording footage and talking about most systems is impossible for the next few months. I do have some good videos lined up though, and had actually already made the first two for October in advance so I could go on holiday and not have to worry about creating anything for a while. Not really thinking about trying to improve anything this month as i’m in a pretty hectic time at the moment, with a new job, new house, and just started a diploma too! Lots going on, but i’ll make sure to keep making videos!

See you all for the next recap in November!

Thanks for reading

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