RetroBreak Rewind #6 – June 2021

Another month of videos has passed, and this month I feel a bit unsure of things…

The stats look good, roughly the same as last month, but for some reason I don’t feel like this month has been as good, maybe in terms of the quality of videos, or maybe because i’ve been so busy with a new job and moving house that I haven’t had the chance to make anything really good this month…

June began with another Game Boy Homebrew video, this time for a set of carts I purchased from Catskull Electronics.

Id been interested in getting these for ages, so i’m glad I finally found time to get them and make a video! It did pretty well too, currently sitting around 1.5k. Once again this month i’m trying to focus on retention, so for this video, it was at around 60% after the first 30 seconds, which is average for the channel, but not great.

The ending still drops off too quickly as well, once i’ve figured out the intro, my next focus is how to make sure people stick around till the end.

Next was an interesting video, that I knew wouldn’t really do very well because its something that no one knows about, and probably doesn’t have that many people interested either, but I went ahead and made it anyway. I can tell that only my regular views watched it, but I’m really happy with the video, and sometimes that’s all that matters!

Because this one only really got seen by regulars, the retention looks really good!

Something i’ve noticed recently is that videos fall into two district groups, ones that youtube continues to recommend and keeps bringing in new views, and ones that ONLY subscribers watch, and is then forgotten about entirely by the algorithm. The floor at the moment seems to be around 800, which is good to know, because i’d been tracing this over the past few years, and it’s gone from 200 just a few years ago, to 600 last year, and now around 800!

I used to count a video as doing well if it passed over the 1000 views mark. So I feel like in around another year, every video, even the ones that don’t get picked up by the algorithm, should hit over 1000, and maybe then i’ll be satisfied!

Next, a very last minute room tour!

I’m moving house soon, so this was the last chance to do a room tour. It was a bit rushed, so I didn’t manage to go into as much detail as the last one, but i’m glad I managed to get it done in time! I knew this would be one of the videos that youtube picked up, because people enjoy seeing collection videos, even though they are not that interesting for me to make.

10 Subscribers too which is more than usual. I think I’ll try and do one room tour a year in the future, it’s interesting for me to look back on, and good for bringing new people into the channel too!

And finally another homebrew video!

As this game wasn’t really that well known, I didnt expect it to go out to more than the usual 800 or so, and I was right. It’s currently at 819, which i’m still really happy with! If I can introduce people to these new homebrew games I don’t really care too much if the video takes off or not!

I love making these types of videos and supporting the creators, and i’m glad that everyone who saw it enjoyed it. I know a few have purchased it since watching too which is amazing!

Here’s how the views find one of these types of videos, which is interesting to see:

Compared to the room tour video that youtube decided to promote, you can see that there’s not really a big difference in the subscribers watching, but a lot more recommended and through search.

I have the next two months of videos already planned out, some because i’ve already promised to do them, and some to fill some gaps. I wont tell you here what the videos will be, but i’m fairly confident I know how they will do, that’s one reason why I want them done, so I can focus on bigger and better ideas!

I’ve started adding predicted views and subs in my schedule, after doing this for a few months now in the background, I feel like I have a pretty good idea of how each type of video will perform!

After i’ve done those i’m planning to take a month off while I move into the new house and take some time to reflect on where I want the channel to go and what direction to take in the future! I hope you all stick around and follow me on my journey to 100,000 Subs, and the YouTube play button!

Although the month has been pretty good, when I look back over this year so far, it doesn’t really seem like the channel is actually growing, just constantly staying at the same level (Which isn’t bad) But I would like to try and figure out how to actually grow so there’s a clear progression rather than just repeating the same level of success over and over… I’ll figure something out eventually!

Thanks as always for reading, hope it was an interesting insight into what goes on behind the scenes!

Nick (RetroBreak)

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