RetroBreak Rewind #3 – March 2021

A very special Rewind this month as I finally hit 10,000 Subscribers! I finished the month off with a celebration video looking back over my 14 years on the platform. But first, here’s what I did during the rest of March…

The Unknown Game Genre Ft  @Let’s Talk Game Design ​

Decided to do something a bit different this week and do a game design focussed video! I think it came out really well, I was very happy to work with LTGD, one of my favourite channels! Unfortunately the video didn’t do very well, but it is quite different to my usual content so I kind of expected that. Either way, I’m happy with it, and it seems like everyone who did decide to watch really enjoyed it too!

The PS1 From A Nintendo Kids Perspective! – Playstation Memories

This video was a Patreon request, and a welcome one, I am always conscious that I talk too much about Nintendo games, so to have the excuse to talk about playstation for once was a good opportunity to branch out a bit!

I can’t wait for an easy way to play NTSC and PAL Playstation games, I’ve got a good set of Japanese and American games now, but no way of playing them!

I was really happy to receive this game from the developer and really enjoyed putting this video together, I want to eventually have a video for every physically released Game Boy game, it’s great to be able to support developers and have a good library of videos to show people what is going on in the home-brew community too!

And finally, the most important video of the month by far, and one that has gone down really well so far…

10000 Subscribers! – 14 Years Of Youtube + Future Plans!

I decided to take a look back at my channel, and share some plans for the future!

This is something I’ve been working towards for so long now, I’m a bit of a digital hoarder as well as physical so that means I have every video and every file for every video I’ve ever made all the way since the beginning, so for newcomers to the channel, I hope this gives you a good idea of how I got to where I am today, and for those of you who have been here for a while, I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane!

I’m really glad that everyone who watched it so far seemed to enjoy this quite personal video! Hopefully it will be a bit less than 14 years before the next 10K!

Thanks for helping me have another amazing month! Let’s see what April brings!

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