Remembering my Nan

Yesterday I got the sad news that my Nan had a bad fall at her home and passed away shortly after. It was out of the blue with no warning. She was in good health right up until the day she died, which I guess is a good thing, there was no long pain or suffering and my last memories of her are happy ones.

Even though we are still in lockdown, I had been to visit her from a safe distance a few weeks earlier, and she seemed happy and keeping herself busy, looking forward to the day we could finally go round to visit properly again. Alas that day never came.

Here’s the last photo I have of her, which was taken in the summer of 2020, when lockdown restrictions were lifted so we could at least get together in the garden.

She was a big part of my life growing up, and I believe I have my grandparents to thank just as much as my parents for the person I’ve become today.

Most days after school I would go up to my nans for dinner, I would sit and play on the Game Boy, talk and watch kids TV while she cooked dinner for me and my sister. Pancakes were always my favourite! She was always so kind and polite and always loved to see us, nothing would ever be a bother, even when we would destroy the living room furniture to build “Hidey Homes”, our version of pillow forts!

Another fond memory I have of those times is playing around with building blocks with my Nan and Granddad, we would spend hours building structures on their dining table. I wish digital cameras were around back then so I could have some photos to show from these times, but they will forever live on in my memory just as vivid as any photo.

Later in life, after I moved away to Uni I saw her less, but still always went over for a visit and a cup of tea whenever I was back home. Going back to my nans house always brought back those good childhood memories. I wish I’d asked her more about her life, but I’m glad she was a part of mine.

Rest in peace.

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  1. Fantastic blog about your Nan she will be forever proud of you sending big hugs to all of your family xx

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