RetroBreak Rewind #2 – February 2021

February was a great month for the channel! Really happy with the four videos I did this month! Here’s my stats for February:

Feb 2021 Stats

Lockdown Gaming Market

Lockdown Gaming Market – Buying From My Favourite Sellers Online Stores!

I’d been planning this video since the first lockdown back in April last year, I finally managed to save up enough money to make this a reality! I had a lot of fun looking through the stores and trying out the games! If gaming markets aren’t back on by later in the year, I might do another one of these.

The next video was a review on the SNES Everdrive.

Another one is been planning to do for a long time. The Everdrive had been on my shelf waiting for a video for about 6 months by this point so I thought it was finally time to do a video on it! The Everdrive videos always seem to do really well and this one was no exception.

Stats for the SNES Everdrive video so far!

I made sure to go into lots of detail which people seem to really appreciate. It makes the videos good for search ability too! Always a good idea to make a mix of videos I want to make, and some like this one with a good chance of people searching for info on a topic. If it brings more people into the channel after watching that’s a bonus!

Then we had two anniversaries back to back! First up was The Legend Of Zelda for its 35th Anniversary!

The Zelda series is one that really means a lot to me, so I was happy I finally had a good reason to talk about all the game’s I’ve played in the series! It was great hearing all your thoughts about the different games and how you all played each one too!

And finally, Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary!

The final video in February and one I very much enjoyed making! Like Zelda, this is another series that means a lot to me. And I was happy to have my Girlfriend on this episode too as we have played all the Pokémon games since Black and White together! It was once again great seeing all your comments sharing your memories of the series too! I’ll definitely be doing more of these series memories / retrospective episodes in the future!

That’s it for February! A great month for the channel, and March is looking to be just as good! I might even finally hit 10,000 subscribers this month too! I will have to think of a good video to celebrate!

Thanks as always for the support, let me know what you think of these blog posts too and if there’s anything you’d like me to make a video about in the future!

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