RetroBreak Rewind #1 – January 2021

There will be one of these per month to talk thorough everything I’ve done in the past month, as well as some stats and general thoughts on how my Youtube channel is progressing.

January Stats:

Let’s begin on New Years Day with my first video of the year:

21 Games To Look Forward To In 2021!

I began the year looking ahead to 21 upcoming games. I wanted to make this an interesting list, so I spent a long time over the Christmas break looking at all the games coming out (that we knew of at the time) and came up with what I think was a really interesting and unique list, and it seems like my viewers agreed!

Next was Game Pickups Episode 60

I’ve Gone 3DS Crazy! – Game Pickups Episode 60!

Although this was a simple pickups episode, it did way better than I expected, far surpassing any of the previous episodes! I think it was because a lot of people seem to be into the 3DS at the moment, so showing the 3DS games in the thumbnail and in the title made it do well! I decided after this to focus on some more DS / 3DS videos this year! Take a look at this to see just how much better it did than I expected!

Stats for Pickups episode 60

Umihara Kawase Series Retrospective

Umihara Kawase Series Retrospective

This was one that I’d been planning for ages, over a year in fact! It took a long time to plan out and track down all the games. I have to give a very big special thanks to Dave from Strictly Limited who sent me over the elusive special edition of the vita game! It was a very nice surprise to get the whole special edition through the post, I was only expecting the game!

As for the video it’s self, it didn’t do very well, which is really sad as its probably the most effort I’ve ever put into a video. Thankfully though, the people that did watch it really enjoyed it! It’s just sad that a simple video I didn’t put much effort into (the last pickups episode) did far better than one I put so much time and effort into. That’s the curse of a creator I guess…

Sadly its at the lower end of the average stats for a video

Back To The 3DS

Learning To Love The 3DS

After the disappointment I had with the Umihara Retrospective, I decided to experiment and make another simple video about the 3DS wondering if it would break 1000 views in the week it was released… Well I’m happy (?) to say that it did, and it’s now sitting at around 1500, which makes it above average for the timeframe.

Better than average! Not sure where the bump came from around 20 days in though!

And the final video in January was…

Ghostly Labyrinth – Metroid Meets Luigi’s Mansion – Game Boy Homebrew Review!

Finally, a new Game Boy homebrew game! I always love doing these videos!

This game was gifted to me by the developer so I was happy to make a video to support him. The game was pretty interesting, but not the most amazing thing that’s been done on the system. I’m looking forward to doing more Homebrew videos this year, got quite a few lined up already!

It also got me thinking that I’d like to start working on a game of my own again, maybe using GB Studio, but I’ve been struggling for time already balancing work and YouTube, so it might have to wait a while.

Maybe one day you’ll be able to play a RetroBreak Game Boy game!

Anyway, that’s it for the first RetroBreak Rewind newsletter!

Let me know what you thought and what you’d like to see in the future with these!

Thanks for the support!


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