What’s on my eBay Saved Searches list?

Being an avid retro game collector means I’m constantly getting notifications from eBay that games I’m following have been listed. I thought it might make an interesting post to share with you all some of the games I’ve got saved, and why.

I managed to max out the amount of saved searches you are allowed (200, I think) and I’ve been slowly going through and tidying the list up a bit…

There’s still well over 150 on there, so I won’t list all of them. Here’s some of the more interesting titles I’m currently looking out for:

Ai Senshi Nicol / 愛戦士ニコル

This is a famicom game I found out about thanks to Hardcoregaming101

the game looks similar to the original top down sections of Blaster Master, and from what I’ve heard, the music is fantastic too! As to be expected from 80’s Konami!

ATV Racing (Gameboy)

Specifially the Rocket Games release, which was given away in issues of Action GBX magazine. ATV racing was actually programmes by my friend Quang from Asobi Tech so I really want to try and track down a copy and see it for myself on the actual console.

Action GBX was also my favourite magazine when I was growing up and I always remember seeing adverts for the Datel games in there and thinking how unique they looked!

Check out this website for a look into he other games in the Datel Rocket game series – http://www.nesworld.com/article.php?system=gbx&data=gbc-rocketgames

カービィのきらきら きっず – Kirby’s Sparkling Kids / Kirby Star Stacker SFC

カービィのきらきらきっず (Super Famicom)

This is a Japan only SNES (Super Famicom) version of the Game Boy game, Kirby’s Star Stacker, or Kirby no Kirakira. The SFC version is quite rare as it was a late release for the system, released in 97 the year after the N64 had come out!

It also happens to be the last game I need to complete my Kirby collection! When I do finally get it I’m planning to do a video on the entire Kirby series in the same style as my Monkey Ball and Trackmania videos.


Nights into Dreams - Tiger R-Zone

The R-Zone was a set of LCD games released by Tiger which had some big names attached to them, one of which being my favourite Sonic Team game, NiGHTS!

The R-Zone was quite unique, the games actually just came as LCD’s which could then be plugged into various different console, one of which was this crazy looking headset, for virtual LCD pixels in your face gameplay!

This magazine advert might do a better job of explaining the different ways these games could be played… A bit unnecessary? Probably, but it’s definitely an interesting part of gaming history!

VC&G | » Retro Scan of the Week: Tiger's R-Zone — the Ultimate Eye ...

Speedboat Attack PC

Speedboat Attack - Old Games Download

An old PC game developed by Criterion, the company that later went on to make the Burnout and Need For Speed games. I’m planning to do a video on Criterion’s games before Burnout in the future once I’ve managed to track down all their older games!

Gameboy Games Joblot

I’m aiming to one day build up a complete set of UK released Game Boy games, so I’m always checking this saved listing to see if there’s any good bundles to be found!

I tend to buy a bundle if there’s one or two games I don’t have within, then use the other games to sell on or trade at my local game stores or at the various conventions I attend throughout the year (Apart from thus year for obvious reasons…*Covid19*)

Megaman -lightbulb -Bulb -Bulbs -LED

This is a bit of funny one… I’m a huge fan of Megaman, but I quickly found out that it is also the name for a brand of lightbulbs! So behold, my much edited search to remove all entries related to lightbulbs!

A look into what my search is full of without those filters… Grr!

That’s it for now, of course there’s many many searches I didn’t talk about here, so if you enjoyed this post, please let me know and maybe i’ll do another one in the future!

Thanks for reading, and please check out my YouTube channel for weekly retro gaming content!

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