Megadrive Mini – First Impressions

Today I got the new Sega Megadrive Mini. I wasn’t planning to get it but as we were in town earlier I saw it in Smyths toy shop and caved in and got it, and I’m not disappointed!

I was very excited to try it out earlier and have to say I’m very impressed with the system, it’s so much better than Sony’s mini console offering from last year. Sega really made sure everything was polished and feels great.

The main reason I wanted to get the system was for Megaman The Wily Wars, a very rare and expensive Megadrive game, and a remake of three of my favourite games on the NES. Its one of the only Megaman games I’ve never played, because I’m a bit stubborn and always wanted to wait until I could play it officially somehow… Well the day is finally here and it’s great to be able to play the 16-Bit versions! They are a bit weird, the music isn’t as good, and the graphics look a lot more cartoony, but I’m still really happy to have a chance to see what they are like and didn’t have to spend several hundred pounds for the pleasure!

I already have most of the games on the system so I’m not sure how much I’ll play the rest, but I’d say that the Mini is worth it for collectors just for the few rare games that they included, including Megaman and the Tengen Tetris which was never officially released.

As well as those games, I also got to play Shinobi 3 for the first time which seems really good! I’ll definitely be trying to track down an original Megadrive copy for my collection at the next retro gaming event!

If you’re a fan of Sega or retro gaming I’d highly recommend picking one up!

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