My 10 Favourite Non Gaming Podcasts!

Welcome to Blogtober, Day 3! I love podcasts, even more so that Youtube, I listen to at least one new episode every day. and have done so for at least the past 10 years! So many shows have come and gone in that time, but there’s always something new and exciting to listen to. Here’s ten of my favourites at the moment, with links to listen to the shows. As you can tell, I’m very much into Science, Technology, Philosophy and anything nerdy!

10. Making Sense – Sam Harris

This is a great podcast if you really want to get into some interesting topics such as consciousness, society, the ancient past and the far future. He’s really easy to listen to and has some fascinating guests on. I really enjoyed the episode he did with his wife on her new book about consciousness! Fascinating stuff!

9. All in the mind / Inside Science / Crowd Science (BBC Podcasts)

I’ve kind of cheated here and bundled three together. They are all part of the BBC Sounds podcast collection and all cover similar topics. All In The Mind is more about mental health and personalities, Inside Science usually involved the latest scientific advancements and interviews with the people working on the tech and studies, which is always really interesting to hear, and probably my favourite of the three is Crowd Science, where each week they will answer scientific questions posted by a listener. The questions they receive for the show really vary in complexity and scale so it’s very interesting to see whatever comes up next and learn something new!

8. Startalk Radio

Hosted by the famous physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, this Podcast goes deep in the cosmos (as he likes to say) and takes a look at what is currently going on in the world of science, as well as interviews with authors and other scientists, as well as a bit of humour thrown in too, and listener calls. It’s a great show and I always enjoy listening to Neil as he’s so passionate and full of energy! I really need to get some of his books!

7. The Infinite Monkey Cage

Hosted by my boyfriend (According to my Girlfriend), Professor Brian Cox. This is a very long running show which covers all aspects of science with a panel of guests and a few comedians in each episode. I love the show, and have even been to see Brian Cox in Birmingham on tour twice to see his show live, which was amazing!

6. Fro Knows Photo Raw Talk / Daily Fro

Something not science related! This one is all about Photography, or whatever has bothered the host, Jared Polin that day. It used to be a daily show but he seems to be slipping recently! I really love his down to earth talks and learning about the latest cameras and kits that are coming out!

5. Youtube Creators Hub Podcast

This is one I’ve been listening to for a long time and have gotten many tips and tricks to help on my Youtube Chanel. It’s hosted by the one and only, Dusty Porter. Each week he has a different youtube creator on the show to find out how they grew their channel and what mistakes they’ve made and any tips they have to share with the audience. It’s really interesting to hear so many different points of view from all kinds of content creators! Highly recommend this one if you have a youtube channel!

4. INFJ Personality Show / INFJ Whisperer

This is a fairly recent obsession of mine, Personality Types. I will cover in a. future blog why I’ve become so interested in the topic. But for now all I will say is go and give these podcasts a listen if you’re interested in personality types, especially if you were typed an INFJ like myself. Truly these podcasts have changed the way I think about myself and the world! I will definitely go into more detail in the future so look forward to that post.

Unfortunately, the INFJ Personality show ended recently because the host would rather spend more time with his family! (How selfish! … JK :))

3. Our Ludicrous Future

This is a fun one, hosted by Joe Scott, Tim Dodd, and Ben Sullins. They sit down to discuss what ever is new and upcoming in the world of science, technology and space travel! They are all really passionate people and love to think about the future and all the amazing work people are putting in right now to make that future a better place for everyone! And Teslas… Lots of talk about Teslas… and Space X… and anything Elon Musk really!

2. Abroad In Japan

Another change of topic, this is the podcast from one of my favourite Youtube channels, hosted by Chris Broad and Pete Donaldson . They discuss life in Japan, visiting Japan and whatever has happed recently in the country.

They also answer listeners questions and read out some crazy stories people have from their travels around Japan! Fantastic weekly podcast, and the Youtube channel is definitely worth checking out too!

1. The Joe Rogan Experience

Of course, no podcast list would be complete without the main man, Joe Rogan! While I’m not interested in all of hos talks, due to a lot of them being about MMA fighting and sports, I REALLY REALLY love his long discussions with scientists, philosophers, creatives and more. I even enjoyed some of his more political episodes because I feel like he really asks good questions and gets the best out of each guest.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this list and will check some out if you’re interested!

Next time i’ll go through some of my favourite gaming podcasts.

Let me know some of your favourites in the comments, i’m always looking for new podcasts to listen to!

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