Where did the fun go?

After watching the Microsoft E3 conference this year it made me quite sad that all the big budget games, and the majority of the event was focussed on ultra violent realistic shooting games. There were a few stand out lighter games but it was easy to tell they weren’t the main focus and just glossed over. I’m not entirely against those games but it just makes me sad that game companies don’t pursue other more unique and interesting gameplay styles, leaving that job up to the indie developers to fill the gaps.

Unfortunately for those companies, unique gaming experiences isn’t something the average consumer wants, or at least knows they want. These companies will never get the same kinds of budget or advertisement as the other big budget games, so I hope to, at least in some small way, help to get their games seen by more people.

There’s been so many amazing unique and fun games released over the years that got completely passed by at launch in favour of bigger budget games. So, starting today I’m making one of missions to bring some of these other games to the forefront. Please look forward to seeing my thoughts on some non violent (but still super fun!) games coming soon!

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