My Switch Pro wish list

With E3 2019 just around the corner and rumours going round of a Switch Pro (or Switch mini / XL) here’s my wish list for the hypothetical new system!

Possible features.

These first few ideas are things I actually think have a chance of happening…

  • Wireless headphone support
  • longer battery life
  • Improved performance (somewhere in between PS4 and PS4 Pro)
  • more portable form factor (pocketable but without affecting the joy-con size? Not sure how that would be possible though…)
  • New hardware features (maybe a camera or microphone?)
  • More robust stand to use the system in tabletop mode.
  • Bigger screen with less bezel and possibly upgraded resolution to 1080p

Crazy Wishlist.

While there’s almost 0% chance of any of this being featured on the Switch Pro, this is my list of what a perfect version of the Switch would look like to me!

  • Optional disc drive attachment for the Dock to allow for backwards compatibility with the GameCube, Wii and WiiU (with an update to allow the game pad to connect to the Switch) – also with the ability to install the disc games to the hard drive / SD card to allow you to play them in portable mode.
  • Wii / WiiU / 3DS virtual console library available (with free downloads for games already purchased on other systems)
  • Backwards compatible with Gameboy / Gba using a cart slot on the top of the system
  • Power on par with the PS5 to allow easy porting of Next-Gen games and full 4K 60fps output with Ray Tracing enabled.
  • Same power in handheld mode
  • 10+ hour battery life
  • Stereoscopic 3D game support outside of VR
  • 4K 3D HDR MicroLED screen on console (like a super version of the 3DS screen with face tracking for stable 3D)
  • Fold out 2nd screen for playing 3DS / DS games – slides into the back of the console when not in use
  • Swapable D-Pad / Analog stick placement on right joy con and ability to replace D-pad buttons with proper D-pad.
  • Improved game video capture allowing infinite recording time and full 4K 60fps quality.
  • Boost mode / resolution increase for existing games
  • SSD for faster loading
  • Wireless charging and wireless video connection to stream to the TV from anywhere in the room (no need for dedicated dock, just something in the HDMI slot, like Chrome Cast – or use a built in Nintendo Switch streaming app on smart TV’s)
  • Built in stylus for more precise touch screen input – good for drawing, playing DS / 3DS / WiiU games Etc.
  • Built in 5G for fast online gaming in handheld mode – also built in web browser / popular video and streaming apps
  • Much improved switch online and the return of Miiverse and Streetpass

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