Games to find at the London Gaming Market (July 2018)

July 12, 2018


Once again, the London Gaming Market is on this Sunday, Last time I went in April, I focussed mainly on 8 and 16-bit games, so this time I am planning to focus more on 32 and 64-bit games. The systems I’m looking for in particular include PS1, Saturn, Jaguar, N64, GBA and DS. I would also like to pick up a 3DO or 32X if I can find one for a good price! I’m going to list a few games I want to find for each system below. 


PS1 has an incredibly huge library of games, probably more than the Saturn does and N64 combined, so there is bound to be some hidden gems hiding among the many copies of GTA or Crash Bandicoot. I’m not really on the lookout for anything in particular, but if anything catches my eye, I will pick it up and hope for the best! 

There are a few JRPG’s that I am looking for, but they are not really a priority as I don’t know when I would find time to play them!


I have recently started collecting for the Saturn again after picking up a few of the more sought after games, Guardian heroes and Burning Rangers; it has rejuvenated my interest in the system. Most of the Saturn games worth buying are quite expensive so I might only get one or two…

Also looking for a Memory Card / Ram expansion cart or Action Replay. 

Also, after accidentally blowing up my Japanese Saturn, I am on the lookout for a region free modded console. I would love to have the ability to play my existing PAL games in 60Hz, so hopefully there is someone selling modded consoles! 


I only have two games for the Jaguar and would like to increase my collection a bit, they are very hard to come by, even at expo’s like this, so I’m not holding my breath. But even so, if I do come across any of these, I’ll snap them up!


I keep thinking I am near the end of getting every good N64 game, but keep finding new ones to pick up! Here is a few that I still don’t have, a few are expensive (Paper Mario) but most should be affordable if I can find them…

And any racing games I don’t have.


In addition, anything else that catches my eye or I have never seen before! I’ve also been looking longingly at the AGS1010 or a backlit original Advance console for a while now… I really want a better, brighter way to play Advance games as my SP’s light seems to be failing a bit now and the battery doesn’t last too long either. 



Of course, if I see anything super rare or interesting for any older consoles I will definitely pick it up, but it won’t be my focus this time. I’d also like to pick up some reading material for the train home. 

At the next market in August I will be focusing on 128-bit and beyond to mix it up a bit!

Thanks for reading, and see you on YouTube after the event for a pickups video!

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