Here’s 3 Retro Remakes I want to see on the Switch!

April 20, 2017

After the amazing Blaster Master Zero, I want more retro remakes made with such respect for the original source material. Wonder Boy has just been released as well so it seems now is the perfect time to enjoy some retro revivals!

Here’s three from my wish-list:

Mischief Makers

Treasure has been quite quiet lately, with the last game they released being a Japan exclusive, Gaist Crusher for the 3DS back in 2013. They have released some re-makes of their classic games before, most notably Gunstar Heroes for the GBA and Bangai-O for the DS. To see a modern take on Mischief Makers would be great!

Also, now that motion controls have become a feature of all control schemes on Switch, SHAKE SHAKE could become a reality! 

Rocket Knight Adventures.

There was a sort of reboot on the Xbox 360 many years ago now, but in the transition to the then current gen, and to 3D, it lost a lot of it’s charm. I’d love to see Konami take another chance on this franchise.You never know, after the success of Bomberman R this may actually be a possibility!

The HD Rumble would be well suited to Sparkster’s jet-pack, imagine the feeling of the thrust building up inside the jet-pack before sending you through the air, bouncing off the wall, the joycon reacting to each hit. 


A really unique racing game for the snes, there’s really nothing else quite like it! A modern remake could be great on the switch, with two joycons meaning the multiplayer aspect would always be possible! I can imagine this being a go-to game with friends. Just add some more variety and stages and it would be a great eShop title!

I’d also love the remake to have a level creator, something which could be done very well by utilizing the Switch touch screen! Online play would also be a great feature to bring this fantastic multiplayer game into the modern day!

Let me know what retro games you want to see make a comeback in the comments!

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