Three Games I think would be perfect on the Nintendo Switch.

April 12, 2017

Kirby, Star-Fox, F-Zero, Pikmin, Animal Crossing, Metroid. All of these games would be right at home on Nintendo’s new Hybrid console, but, we all know deep down that they will eventually be coming out anyway, well maybe not F-Zero.

So, using all the self-restraint in the world, here’s just three games I feel would be a perfect fit for the Switch!

3. Wario Ware
Wario Ware used to be a game that came along with a new console to show off all its best features, or introduce new ones. 1-2 Switch gave us a tantalising taste of the possibilities but I feel a Wario Ware game, with 100+ mini games could be the killer app that the Joy-Cons need to succeed! Just as Smooth Moves showed off some unique ways to use the Wii Remote, A new Wairo Ware could do the same to introduce gamers to the Joy-Cons and have a blast while doing so!

Imagine a set of mini games which were made to specifically use the HD Rumble, I loved the ball counting game in 1-2 Switch but there’s so much more I feel that can be done with this new, and underutilised technlology!

Another set of mini games could make use of the touch screen exclusively, maybe remixing some of the best from Wario Ware Touched, which was made as a showcase for the touch screen of the original DS.

The more I think about a Switch Wario Ware title, the more it becomes apparent that the Switch really is the culmination of all Nintendo’s previous systems.

  • The physical buttons neccesary for the first Wario Ware, check.
  • The Tilt Sensor necessary for Twisted, check.
  • The multiplayer capabilities necessary for microgames mania, check.
  • The Motion Controls from Smooth Moves, Check.
  • The Touch Screen for Touched, Check.
  • The camera for Snapped. Kind of check? I’m sure the camera / sensor on the right Joy-Con could be able to capture movements necessary to play the kinds of games from that long forgotten entry in the series.
  • The online features which made Wario Ware DIY so much fun, Check!

So, mix in all those previous styles and introduce some new Switch exclusive gameplay and you’ve got yourself the perfect system showcase!

Also, It’s been too long since Pyoro last graced a Nintendo screen!

2. Dragon Quest Monsters
Perhaps not an obvious choice, but Dragon Quest Monsters, or Dragon Warrior Monsters as it was known here in the UK, was one of the most influential Gameboy games for me. I used to love playing this as an alternative to Pokemon. There was a remake recently released in Japan for the 3DS, but I would love to see a full console version. It lends it’s self perfectly to the switch, with gameplay that works just as well in short burst and in longer play sessions infront of the TV.

Just as I used to play Dragon Warrior Monsters on the Gameboy then switch to the SNES Gameboy player to continue at home. This game could be the current gen gamers entry into an amazing series! Nintendo seems to have a great relationship with Square and the DQ series at the moment so I’ve got my fingers crossed that this does become a reality in the future!

Also, this may just be a personal preference, but I preferred the old gameboy sprites to the new 3D environments from the 3DS version. I think it would be amazing if Square gave us the choice to “switch” the graphics on the fly from Retro to Modern! Or maybe even switch the graphic styles depending on whether the system is in handheld or docked mode! Imagine playing an 8-Bit style Dragon Quest, then docking the console and suddenly it all comes to life as a full modern 3D adventure!

1. Picross
Last but by no means least, a personal favourite, and slight addiction of mine, Picross! I’ve been playing a lot of Picross on my 3DS recently (The Twilight Princess version given away as a gift on the Nintendo Club store), but when leaving the house and going on a journey, I’d rather bring my Switch now, so Nintendo… Please release a new version of Picross so I can get addicted all over again!

Thanks for reading, what are some of the games you think would be great on Switch? Leave your thoughts in the comments! 

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