Hello everyone! – Some updates on my projects, game pickups and future plans!

February 19, 2017

I feel like I’ve been neglecting this blog recently with so many other projects I’m working on! 

My Kickstarter for Super Donuts finished successfully! Raising over £400! I’m hard at work on the game and going to order the Keyrings soon for those that backed over a certain amount. CLICK HERE to see the latest Dev update from my Super Donuts game! 

I showed the game off at Telford MCM comic con last weekend and the feedback was great! 😀 

I’ve released my first iOS game on the App Store (called Blast Area) if you’re on an iPhone / iPad click the link to download BLAST AREA

My YouTube is doing well after uploading some videos from Japan and the Switch Event I went to recently in Birmingham! Watch it here.

Work is going well too and I’m moving into my own place soon! It’s been a busy but exciting start to the year! 

I hope I can find time to write on here more often too and maybe pick up my Japanese learning again at some point. It’s not a priority at the moment though… 

I’ve been making a list of Retro games I want to find this year so maybe I’ll share that in the next time! So far this year I picked up a few games I’ve been after for a long time: 

  • Rocket Robot on Wheels for the N64 – 3 3D platformer sort of like Banjo Kazooie / Spyro where you play as a robot on wheel… not wheels. He only has 1… 
  • Blaster Master for the NES – a really cool action game by Sunsoft, great music and cool gameplay which switches from side scrolling stages with a tank to overhead stages which look a bit like bomberman. It’s a really cool game I need to play more of!
  • Kirby’s Adventure for NES – I’ve got the Famicom version but never owned the proper PAL nes version, so this was just one more for the collection really! Still very happy to have it though! 
  • Sonic R – the Japanese version for Sega Saturn. I’ve only ever had sonic R on the PC and GameCube so it’s great to own the original! Think I’m one of the only people who actually enjoys the game and the gameplay! The music is a bonus too! 

Hope everyone else has had a good start to the year so far! Thanks for reading, scroll down for some pics! 

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