10 Nintendo Switch features I want!

October 23, 2016

10 Nintendo Switch features I want!


Virtual console with all Wii / Wii U / 3DS VC games already on.

When the WiiU launched, they re-started the virtual console from scratch, This time I hope they continue using the existing eShop which has come on a lot on the past few years. It would be a shame to loose all those games again!


Compatibility with the WiiU Gamepad.

It seems like the Switch will bring about the end of Nintendo’s Dual Screen era. This will make backwards compatibility very hard. To get around the issue they could use the gamepad as a controller when the Switch is docked to the TV. This would mean backwards compatibility with WiiU and DS / 3DS as well, at least while at home…


Better Miiverse.

Miiverse on the WiiU is really fun but it’s too slow to load and doesn’t have any real chat capabilities. I would like it to be a smoother system and include stats for the games you’ve played so you can share with others easier!


Good battery life!

Anyone with a WiiU will know how bad the battery is on the controller, which is not too much of a surprise considering it’s size and the constant streaming of data. The WiiU was handling all the processing though.

The Switch on the other hand is entirely powered by the screen so unlike the wiiU it will be drawing even more power! Let’s hope it’s either really optimised or has a much better battery! Which I don’t see much space for, the Switch looks very thin!


Mario and Zelda at launch!

They gave us another surprise yesterday with the announcement of a brand new Mario game! It looks very similar to 3D World but slightly more free roaming akin to 64 and Sunshine.


New Joy-Con attachments.

I saw an idea someone had for new controller attachments to replace the regular Joy-Con controllers. These would be bundled with specific games and have specific buttons or functions. This would be really fun and allow for new gameplay styles!

 Sadly I couldn’t find the original creator for this so can’t give any credit. But good job whoever came up with this! 


Gamecube Virtual Console!

This system seems to be dropping support for a lot of features Nintendo has been using for the past decade including the dual screen set up, possibly touch and motion controls, although this hasn’t been confirmed by anyone just yet.

I think going back to basics might not be a bad thing. Ninetndo’s last console which didn’t rely on any sort of control gimmick was the gamecube. Imagine how cool it would be to play something like Metroid Prime or F-Zero GX on the go with the Switch!


iOS / Android games

Nintendo seems to be going back after the more traditional gamer with this console, but if the controllers are disconnected from the screen, the Switch basically becomes a tablet. If it does have touch support then this would be perfect for playing some smaller touch only games. I can see this being a great device for playing the kind of games you would usually play on a tablet. Nintendo could also put it’s own mobile games like Mario Run or the upcoming Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing games on the Switch as well.


Easier game submission process for indie developers. (And some kind of quality screening process)

This is a very important factor is Nintendo wants to get more involved with the Indie scene. They were off to a good start with the Nindies program and supporting them at events but the application and submission process is still confusing and a barrier to entry for indie developers, especially smaller ones who don’t have an office space or the money to afford a Dev Kit.

Also, the WiiU eShop seems to be flooded with very poor quality titles recently…





Xenoblade 3.

Thanks for reading, Let me know your thoughts and hopes for the system in the comments!

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