Hedgehog Cafe in Japan! “Harry Cafe”

October 12, 2016

Japan is well known for it’s many animal cafes, which means petting the animals, not eating them as some people think! 

The first one we went to this time was a cafe in Roppongi called Harry Cafe, Harry as Hedgehog in Japanese is Harinezumi. It was a small cafe with a few seats round the edge and a sofa on the other side, all around the room were glass boxes with Hedgehogs in, we paid for an hour visit and got to choose any hedgehog we liked! You can pay a small amount to get some worms to feed them, it is a cafe after all! (They also have free tea and coffee for non-hedgehogs!)

There were also some in the centre of the room. 

We chose a calm looking one, hoping he would like being picked up and stroked…

The instructions said to pick them up by cupping both hands and they will curl up all cute and spikey, not ours! He wouldn’t sit still at all!

He also pooped on me a few times! >.<

We were given a box for him to sit in at the table, he also pooped in there, and wouldn’t stop scratching! Eventually we asked if we could swap him for a slightly calmer one…

This one did at least let us pick him up and went to sleep in is box. Remember, they are meant to be nocturnal animals so some might be really tired, while others might seem a bit hyper! 

It was a fun place and they seemed to look after the Hedgehogs well, they also have some for sale you can buy as pets!

check out their website here:


Check out a video from the cafe below!

Thanks for reading. 

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