Akihabara – Day 1

September 18, 2016

Been in Japan for 2 days now, of course the first thing on our list was Akihabara!

It seems even bigger than what I remember with bright lights and huge SEGA and TAITO arcades that all have 6+ floors of games and crane machines!

Didn’t get a pic of the main street yet, but heres the ridiculously big electronics store on the other side of the station, Yodobashi-Akiba. 

The best bit of Akihabara for me though is all the smaller shops hidden away down the side streets. we have visited a few of the retro game shops I had on my list, and got a few more to visit later in the week. I couldn’t help myself and picked up a few games I’ve been looking for from Mandarake and Super Potato, two of the most well known, and expensive, game shops in Akihabara. I’ll be making a video about the best retro shops there soon! – and some cheaper alternatives outside of Akiba. 

When a giant Mario greets me at the door I can’t help but buy something!

We also went to a Maid Cafe and had the most Kawaii meals made with extra love magic moe moe kyuuun powers and a photo with one of the maids, her name was みこたす. (Micotas) 

Apparently the ears I chose didn’t suit me so she picked some different ones!

Still got loads more places I want to visit there and some video I have planned to take.

Here’s my games so far…

Especially excited to find Super Star Soldier, Final Star Solder and Gunhed for the PCE! I picked up a Retro Freak console today at TGS so I can play them in the hotel!  

The next post will be about TGS. 

Thanks for reading!

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