PCE Shooters!

May 18, 2015

I’m currently working on a Top-Ten shoot em up’s list, but during writing that I got a bit sidetracked and looked up some shooters for the PC Engine, a console renowned for its incredible library of shooting games, theres actually a staggering 100+ shooters avaliable for the system! I’ve narrowed down my list to “JUST” 22 games… If any of you know any other cool games for the system I’d love to hear so please leave a comment.

 I’ve attached some video footage from youtube for each one. They all look amazing, just thinking that these games are running on technically an 8-bit system blows my mind! But they don’t come cheap (some well over £100) so it will be a long while until I manage to build up a decent collection.

I’ve got a few to start off my collection so far, those being Blazing Lazers, Dragon Spirit, Galaga 88 and Detana Twinbee.

In no particular order…

Super Star Soldier 

Cotton Fantastic Nights Dream 

Star Parodier 

Super Darius  


Super Raiden 

Fantasy Star Soldier  

Final Soldier  

Gate of Thunder  

Lords of Thunder  


Magical Chase  

Mr Heli  


Parodius Da  


Soldier Blade  


Summer Carnival 92  

Summer Carnival 93  

Violent Soldier  

Winds of Thunder  

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