Game Shopping in Cardiff

March 26, 2015

Independent Retro Game Shops are becoming a rare sight these days, with plenty I used to love now closed down, it’s always exciting to find one thats still going strong! One such example is Super Tomato in Cardiff!

I’ve been there twice now, and both times I’ve been very impressed with their selection of retro goodies! Of course, its not a patch on the famous Japanese chain of retro game shops, Super Potato… Tomato, Potato… Mmmm games… Located at Sailsbury Road, about a ten minute walk out of the city centre, its easy to find and worth the walk!

Inside, there are several glass cabinets full of cool collectible merchandise, rare games, consoles and more! The staff seem really helpful and enthusiastic which definitely helps in shops like this, its nice to know the poeple working there have a genuine interest in the stuff they are selling. 

I actually picked up some eReader cards for the GBA when I was there this time which was a surprise. The shop also has plenty of Manga as well as games. And loads of boxed retro consoles which is very cool to see. They also had some Vectrex’s which needed to be tested, shame else I might have got one!

When I was there last week they said a lot of their best games and Manga had been taken to the Comic Con which was on at the weekend. I visited their stall at the Con and picked up a NES game I’d been looking at getting for a long time, Little Nemo the Dream Master.

When I visited last year I picked up a really fun game for the Neo Geo Pocket, Puzzle Link 2. Heres a pic of me there last year enjoying a whole wall of Master System games. 😀

It’s a very cool shop and definitely worth a visit if you’re in the Cardiff area!

I’ll hopefully be doing some more of these posts in the future as I try to track down some more independent shops around the UK!

Heres the games I’ve purchased from there.

Scroll down for some photos.

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