Leeds Video Game Market!

February 8, 2015

Yesterday I went to the Leeds Video Game Market, Set up by the guys at Retro Collect, it was a fun day full of games and nerds! The expo was held inside the town hall, with stalls inside the main room and the corridor around the outside, it was very busy, but never the less, I managed to find some amazing stuff there! The video below shows gameplay from all the games I picked up and some of the show as well! (also some games from a previous retro game expo! Scroll down for some photos!

An Atari Jaguar & Syndicate (but no controller…)

A special edition of NiGHTS for the PS2, complete with a japanese story book! 

Mario Clash for the Virtual Boy.

Mickeys Speedway USA (A racing game by Rare for the N64, one of Rares lesser known titles)

Megaman 3 for the NES and saving the best for last…

Phantasy Star IV for the Mega Drive!

It was a fantastic event and there was loads of cool stuff to look at and buy, just have to get there earlier next time because the queue was massive! 

Keep scrolling for some photos from the event! Thanks for reading!

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