Amiibo Game Ideas!

Amiibo’s are proving very popular with Nintendo fans! However, the only game to fully utilise them at the moment is Smash Bros. I know they can be used in basic ways in other games such as Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors but they don’t really take advantage of them. So I’ve been thinking of some other cool ways that Amiibo’s could be used in other games to make them even more fun!!

Mario Maker:
Maybe this idea would be more suited to a more general game maker from Nintendo, but the idea of placing the chosen character anywhere in the level, either as an enemy, an npc or a player character could be a lot of fun! Imagine for example, you want to play as MegaMan in the game, so first you’d place the start icon then hold megaman up to the gamepad, and voila, megaman is now your playable character! Say he was supposed to fight Dark Pit at the end, you’d take the dark pit figure and scan it in as a Boss and there you have it! Players could finally make the proper Mario & Sonic game they have always dreamed of!

This could make for some really unique settings and a game reminiscent of the mash up of characters that was the Subspace Emissary in Brawl! But one that was entirely user created!

Each Amiibo character could also come with their own set of objects and items for the level editor, based on their own series. Or provide alternate themes such as a Donkey Kong Country inspired one or Metroid themed one for Samus!

They should just rename it Nintendo Maker! It would be amazing!! 😀

Mario Kart 8:
I know this would take a lot of work on Nintendo’s part, but as they already have many non-Mario characters, I think it would be great if, instead of just giving your mii a new outfit, you could actually play as whatever Amiibo character you wanted and get them added to the proper character roster! Imagine playing as Sonic in Mario Kart! I thought Link was strange enough!

Does kirby need a new ability? Scan in the Amiibo character you want to turn into and Kirby will eat it and gain their ability! This shouldn’t be too hard as he can already eat everyone in Smash Bros anyway! Could be used to solve puzzles too, need a fire ability? Scan in Samus! Need to go extra fast to get somewhere? Scan in Sonic!

Need some backup, call in an Amiibo to fly alongside you and help you shoot down Andross’s army! Each Arwing could be designed based on the character you scanned in. Imagine Link flying round in an Epona styled Arwing (They already did it with a motorbike in Mario Kart!)! Or Donkey Kong flying past in a barrel, shooting banana skins out into space!

Nintendo Sports Games:
I’m not so much a fan of sports games in general, but I do enjoy some Mario Golf or Tennis occasionally, I even enjoyed Mario Strikers although i’m not a fan of football at all! Instead of “Mario” Golf etc, they could make a general “Nintendo” sports series and allow you to play as your favourite characters!

Animal Crossing:
Want your favourite Nintendo character to move into your town and kick out that annoying Sheep for good? Talk to Tom Nook and ask him to kick out a villager and replace them with an Amiibo! Have you always wanted to live next to Gannondorf? Of course not, but now you can anyway! You could save their house layouts onto the Amiibo and bring them round to a friends house so they too can share a neighborhood with the Dark Lord!

Let me know what you guys think! And if you have any game ideas you want to share, feel free. I’d love to hear them!

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