Five SNES Hidden Gems

Five unique games you probably haven’t heard of, but definitely should play!


The game involves you playing as Plok on a quest to find his stolen flag, and then ridding the world of fleas. (for some reason?!) At one point PLOK also dreams of his Grandfather also going on a journey for a magical amulet, this part of the game plays out in black and white which is really cool and unique!

PLOK is a typical platformer with some quite unique ideas and some amazing graphics and music! You can throw your arms and legs at the enemies to defeat them as well as getting many optional weapons and power ups from hidden presents within the levels. There power ups can range from  weapons such as a shotgun or a firemans hose, to vehicles such as helicopters and motorbikes! The game also has loads of secrets and awesome boss fights!

Prehaps recently it has gained some popularity thanks to the creator beginning to make a new comic series starring the series’ hero PLOK. You can read it HERE

  • Stunt Race FX

 Created with the same FX chip that was used in Starwing which I mentioned in my last post, The game looks and plays great if you can get past the shoddy frame rate! The game has a really fun style to it with lots of character, the cars even have eyes and personalities! The levels are all really colourful and inventive and the bonus levels provide a nice change of pace from the normal races.

  • Super Aleste

 Part of the Aleste series, this game is also known as Space Megaforce! Which I think sounds much cooler! It’s a great vertical scrolling shoot em up, something the Snes doesn’t have many of… It plays just as you would expect, with many different shot types and some interesting environments to fly though. Most importantly though, it has loads of intense boss fights and an incredible soundtrack! 

  • Tetris Attack / Panel De Pon

 Not the Tetris everyone will be thinking of. This is a totally different game, it might take a while to get used to if you’ve only played standard tetris. The blocks are all on the playing field from the start and the player has to rearrange them in order to line them up and make them disappear. The blocks continuously emerge from the bottom of the screen, pushing the exiting blocks further up. The higher the difficulty level, the faster these blocks appear. Its a really addictive puzzle game and well worth playing! The European release included famous Nintendo characters and music from many Mario and Yoshi games, whereas the Japanese version features all new characters and environments. Some poeple might know the panel de pon music and characters from the recent Smash Bros games. 

  • Illusion Of Time

 I think I will forever regard this game as the best I have ever played, perhaps not the best gameplay, not the best story, but for me, something just clicked. The characters came to life, the game completely involved me in the deep intricate plot, embarking on the journey with Will and Kara through the world in the age of exploration felt real. All the characters in the game had a real connection to what was happening and felt like they really beloinged in the world and played their part in creating a deep experience. 

The gameplay is just as strong as the story, It’s right up there with the 16-bit giants such as Secret of Mana and Link To The Past. The levelling system made each area have purpose and gave you a reason to track down each and every enemy. The boss fights provided a good challenge and the music helped create an engrossing atmosphere all the way through. Not a single moment in this game feels wasted or drawn out, the story continues at a good pace all the way through and the ending leaves you shocked and gives you something to think about long after the game is over. An absolutely essential game for the Snes and one I can not recommend enough!

Thanks for reading!

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