10 Games That Will Stay With Me Forever!

The idea for this post came from a Facebook post a friend tagged me in.  The idea is to name ten games that will stay with you, I take that as meaning the ones that have had a big impact on me or ones that have meant a lot over the years, so lets get started..

10: Starfox Adventures (Gamecube)
Back when this game was first announced, under the name, “Dinosaur Planet” I was already super excited for what Rare had in the works! several years passed and news was hard to come by, everyone was wondering what had happened to rare’s N64 swansong. Turns out it was no longer an original title, Nintendo had requested they change the character to Fox McCloud and turn it into a Starfox spin off! I got it at christmas in 2002 along with a Wavebird controller and I have many good memories of playing it and then going to school to discuss how amazing it was! Things such as “OMG Thorntail Hollow is MASSIVE!! it will take ages to get from one side to another!” (Actually it only took a few minutes and wasn’t all that big really.. and “OMG The graphics are amaaaazing Xbox or PS2 will never be able to do anything line this NINTENDO FTW!!” (This bit is still true) 😛

9: Megaman Battle Network 3 (GBA)
More great school memores, Playing this game at break with my friend, we would spend hours talking about the game, all the secret cards and battle techniques, how amazing the areas and music were. What a fun game, a deep battle system, fun story and awesome graphics make for the most memorable Megaman RPG ever. I have since tried playing the other games in the battle network series but none live up to the excitement and fun I had playing number 3! Starforce comes close but i’m not a huge fan of the simplified battles. 

 8: Eternal Sonata (Xbox 360)
A beautiful RPG for the 360 and PS3 with enchanting music and a fantastic dual layered story, both in the real world, where the main character is on his death bed, and the dream world inside the main characters final thoughts. The game is quite light hearted despite the darker tones it has. The graphics are magical and definitely help to set the tone. I really had a lot of fun playing through this, the music was so good sometimes i’d try to make the battles last longer just to listen to the amazing soundtrack, composed by the legendary Motoi Sakuraba and original compositions by the main man himself, Frederic Chopan. It also had one of those magical endings that you keep thinking about long after the game is over. Just don’t give up on the giant rat boss!

7: Mario Kart Double Dash (Gamecube)
Easily the most fun you can have with a mario kart game! Tight controls, loads of characters, two players in one car, more items including unique ones for each character, great new tracks and music and fantastic 60fps graphics make for the most exciting multiplayer racing game ever! I had so much fun with friends playing this after school And one horrible rumour that I believed in for many years.. Complete the Allstar Cup (a GP race through every track in the game) with every combination of characters to unlock the entire N64 game with Double Dash!! graphics. of course this was a lie but it certainly extended the games replay value for me! even if it was all in vain! 

6: Sonic Adventure 2 (Gamecube / Dreamcast)
My all time favourite sonic game, possible because it was the only GameCube game I got at launch and possible because its just so much fun! amazing fast gameplay (with sonic and shadow) Fun shooting stages with lots of hidden secrets (Tails and Eggman) and big open levels to explore (with Knuckles and Rouge) a great sotry that is told from both the good and dark perspective which opens up a final story chapter when you complete both sides! It had awesome memorable cut scenes and music and who could forget the adorable Chao creatures! i’m sure everyone spend as much time, if not more, just feeding and raising these little creates! add in loads of replay value with hundreds of challenges to complete and a whole racing mini game included and you have the best sonic game ever! It’s just EPIC!! 

5: To the moon (PC)
Wow, only played this a few years ago, but what a story this game told. While it starts slow, give it about half an hour and you’ll be sucked straight intot he most absorbing story i’ve ever experienced within a game! The gameplay is nothing fancy, being make in RPG maker, but the story is where it hits, I was glued to the screen the entire way through, sat there getting more and more absorbed into the lives of the characters, it brought me to tears more than a few times. This game had such an impact I spent the last year of my university course trying to recreate those feelings in my own RPG maker game as part of a project involving emotions and characters in games. This game will be a big motivation to me in the future with my own projects and is simply a masterpiece. Kudos to Ken Gao, the genius behind it!

4: Megaman 4 (NES)
One of the first games I ever played, Back when I was so young I didnt even know how to plug the NES into the TV or anything. But I was hooked on megaman! I would spend hours trying to clear one stage! I wasn’t very good but the game had such a unique atmosphere with its colourful graphics and catchy music that I probably didnt care that I just died for the thousandth time! Of course these days I can complete it no problem but it still stands out to me as a great childhood game and one I will always think of as the best of the megaman games, not just from nostalgia, but because its a damn good game as well!

3: Banjo Kazooie (N64)
Where to start with this gem of a game?! Created by the endlessly tallented team at Rare (…RIP…) This was for me, the pinnacle of 3D platformers! Perfectly crafted levels and an imaginative hub world full of surprises, mix in hundreds of collectables that actually feel fun to find, some very memorable and crazy characters and a good sense of humour and you have a classic game! The controlls were very unique with loads of hidden moves and the use of your friend Kazooie to reach new locations and even fly! The levels were all different and fun, complete with their own themes and challenges, it makes for a really magical game that any platformer fan should experience! and the final area before the final battle is just genius!

2: Twilight Princess (Gamecube / Wii)
The game many people wanted Wind Waker to be after the initial Zelda demo at Spaceworld 2000, When Twilight Princess was shown off four years later, the audience, and me, were completely blown away! From that moment on, I hunted down any piece of information I could find about the game, from magazines, DVD’s, the (dial up) internet, rumours at school, everything. I was completely obsessed with the idea of the game, talking about nothing else at school, reading into every little thing that was announced about the game. Enduring the many, many delays. When it finally came out, as a launch title for the Wii, prehaps it didnt quite live up to my crazy high expectations, but even so I was totally engrossed in the game from start to finish. Looking back, it’s not perfect but for me it will always have a special place in my heart just for the crazy ammount of hype I had before release. And don’t think that i’m being negative about he final product, its still a fantasticly polished game that I thoroughly enjoyed and although Skyward Sword may have been a more streamlined and imaginitive game, I still believe Twilight Princess to be my absolute favourite in the series, where it will most likely remain for years to come.

1: Kirby’s Fun Pak (SNES)
Probably my most played game ever. I remember getting it for my 5th birthday! There is just something about this game that gives it a timeless quality, the big sprites and colourful graphics? The fact that it has eight games in one? The endless replay value? The fact that the game keeps erasing my save so I have to play it all again?? Whatever the reason, this game will definitely stay with me, and continue to be played forever! No kirby game since has got close to matching the same feeling this game has. Metaknights Revenge, Great Cave Offensive, Milky Way Wishes. Dynablade. These are just some of the fantastic games within Kirby’s Fun Pak, or Super Star, if you know it by the american name. I wrote a post for the DS remake, Super Star Ultra way back in 2009 so feel free to read that for some fanboy ranting if you feel the need. http://nicktendowiiu.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/kirbys-super-star-ultra.html

Thanks for reading, what are some of your most memorable games that will stay with you? let me know, im always up for some game discussions! 

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