Project: Quantum Shift

Quantum Shift is a story driven game about a young girl named Ashley and her family.

Ashley’s father is a cold, unloving man, who lives only for his work. He stays in his lab for weeks without speaking to anyone, and when he does come back to the house, he argues with her mother, shouting something about trying to save someone.

He never speaks a word to Ashley…

Why is he like this? 
What is more important to him than his family? 
Who is he trying to save?

The game begins on Ashleys 20th birthday, she sneaks out at night, determined to find out the mystery’s surrounding her father. She finds her way into her fathers secret lab. Hidden inside the lab is a time machine. She finds a way to activate it and the secrets of her fathers past begins to unravel…

An exciting plot with multiple endings! Making choices throughout the game will effect what happens in the future!

Below are some work in progress screenshots:

I hope you look forward to discovering the past along with Ashley.
All going well, a demo will be released by the end of the week!
Thanks for reading!

Game design and programming:Nick WestwoodCharacter art:Sarah Jones

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