Games I want to play on the Retron 5!

For those of you who don’t know, the Retron 5 is the latest, soon to be released retro console by Hyperkin. They previously made the Retron 1, 2 and 3. They are skipping 4 and moving straight onto 5, which will play an impressive 10 consoles in 1 (or 12 if you count PAL and NTSC versions and Master System games using a power base converter to play them  through the Mega Drive port.)!

The main selling point for me is not that it plays all these consoles, I can already play the games on their original systems. What this does which they don’t, is it has the ability to up-scale into 720p HD. This is a very important factor considering how blurry the old consoles look on new TV’s. It also allows you to speed up games, so games made in 50Hz can be sped up to how they should be! As well as that you can also change the resolution from 4:3 to 16:9 and apply many different screen filters. It also allows users to install translated patches for games and run them using the actual cart which will help greatly with some games I plan on importing from Japan later in the year!

Here’s my top pick of one game from each system that I am most looking forward to playing again on the Retron 5!NESFaxanadu

Thanks to the Retron 5’s ability to use save states I might actually be able to complete this game! Recently purchased from Shogun, this looks to be a huge NES adventure, brilliant art work in the manual, but that’s as much of the game as I have seen… Saving this one for the Retron!


I don’t currently own any Famicom games, but hopefully, when I visit Japan later in the year I can pick some up from one of the many amazing retro game shops! If anyone knows any around Tokyo or Osaka / Kyoto areas let me know! Hopefully I’ll get lots of games and photos from there so I can make a blog post of my experience there!

SNESDonkey Kong Country 2

Well, the whole series, but as I said only 1 game per system, DKC 2 would be my favourite of the three. After playing the new Tropical Freeze I feel like going back and playing the originals! By using the screen filters, hopefully the came could look a little less pixelated, which was never a problem using CRT screens, but I find playing this game on a flat screen really shows the pre-rendered characters and environments badly.
Super FamicomYs 3: Wanderers from Ys

Got this game from an Expo a while ago, and, although my SNES has been modded to accept Japanese games, there is still the problem of a language barrier, Finally, I will be able to play this in English thanks to the translations patches!

Mega Drive / GenesisThunderForce IV

Another game  recently bought, my MegaDrive is having some problems with the screen flickering and the sound being a bit messed up, so playing this on the Retron would eliminate those problems and i could enjoy the game without faults! Looking forward to playing this properly, ThunderForce III is one of my favourite shooters ever and apparently this one is even better! 
Master SystemThe NewZeland Story

This is a game that I’ve had lying around for a long time but never really sat down and played, should be a fun little arcade style game if Taito’s other games of the time are anything to go by! GBASigmaStar Saga

A recent addition to my GBA collection, and quite a unique game, mixing RPG style exploration with space ship action sequences and on foot combat! I’ve been playing this on the SP and on Gameboy player, although Hyperkin have yet to show any GBA gameplay, I hope it will be clearer than on the Gamecube so I can continue to enjoy this fun RPG / Shooter on the big screen! 

GBCDragon Warrior Monsters 2Too many times have I started playing this game, only to give up a few hours later, then try to start it up again a few months after, only to realise i have completely forgotten what I was doing! Hopefully having the Retron will give me the push i need to keep playing this game through to completion! The first Dragon Warrior Monsters game is one of my favourites on the original Gameboy so I have high hopes for the rest of this game!

GBMegaman IVAfter completing Megaman III (you can watch a lets play of the whole thing here ) I purchased Megaman IV on the Gameboy to play next, but have yet to get round to it. When the Retron finally arrives it will be the perfect time to play this entry in the Megaman series, maybe even record another Lets Play for Youtube!Thanks for reading, if you want more info on the Retron 5 check out the official site here, or search Google to find many reviews / previews of the console! 

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