10 Games i’d like to see in 2014.

Happy new year everyone. This is not necessarily a list of games I think will be released, but games that I would like to see this year for WiiU and 3DS!
1. New Star Fox Adventures game for WiiU! 
Not an obvious choice for a starfox sequel, im sure a lot of people would prefer to have a new Lylat Wars or SNES Starwing remake. but my personal favourite in the Star Fox franchise was SFA. A new one could have even bigger environments, better graphics and if Nintendo worked hard they could have new flying sections, similar to the arcade sections of Star Fox Assault on the Gamecube. I’d love the chance to explore another planet with Fox, Krystal, Prince Tricky and the rest of the SFA team!

Stunning Graphics for the time, The WiiU could show that it is also capable of amazing graphics!

2. F-Zero for 3DS. 
I love having Maximum velocity on the 3DS virtual console, but a new F-Zero game in full 3D would be amazing, the graphics could rival F-Zero GX and also be in 3D which would create an even bigger sense of speed as you’re racing down twisting courses battling against 30 other racers at the same time. The last F-Zero game was a Japan only release, F-Zero Climax. It’s about time that Nintendo (or Namco or Sega) released a new entry in the series!

Imagine this in 3D!

After nintendo released the fun NES Remix for WiiU, they could do the same for snes, using games such as Super Mario World, Super Metroid, F-Zero and even Mario Paint (it would work great on the touch screen!) Just make it a bit harder and let you play the full games as well and it would be amazing! With Miiverse integration, the games could all have unique and fun challenges and revive one of the best era’s in gaming for a new generation to enjoy. just please nintendo… no more “Helpful” things like this…

Oh, you’re meant to run to the RIGHT? 

4. Banjo Threeie! 
I know this one is never going to happen but i can dream! There might be a small chance of it appearing on the XB1 though but probably not. RIP RARE.

5. Megaman 11! 
With Comcept making Mighty No.9 its up to capcom to show they can still make megaman games, instead of spending ages creating deep complex games such as Megaman Universe and Legends, they should focus on the basics and make a new 8-bit title, they already have the framework and i’m sure it would get lots of support from the fans! no more stupid IOS games please Capcom!!

Megaman 10, simple, fun and just what the fans wanted!

6. Kuririn 4! 
Or maybe Virtual console releases of the GBA ones. Kuririn is a great franchise that not many people know about, whether a new entry in the series similar to Kururin Squash on the Gamecube, or VC re-releases of the GBA ones, would be a great way to introduce new payers to the excellent, addictive puzzle series!

A lost franchise for Nintendo, it deserves a comeback!

7. Sequel to Kid Icarus Uprising. 
Although this will probably not happen for a good few years yet, as Sakurai is hard at work on Smash Bros, I would love to see a full sequel to the amazing 3DS game on the WiiU, with even more amazing graphics and locations it could be something special and an excellent new game to add to the WiiU’s growing library of first party titles!

one of the best games on 3DS! A sequel would be much appreciated!

8. Advance Wars 3DS! 
After getting a new Fire Emblem last year, many people asked the question, which is a better strategy game on Nintendo, Advance Wars or Fire Emblem, With the release of a new Advance Wars game, people who enjoyed the new Fire Emblem can play it and make their decision. After two amazing DS releases it makes sense for Intelligent Systems to create a new one for 3DS! and as one of my favourite hand-held series I would love to see a new game!

Classics on both GBA and DS, a 3DS entry would be great!

9. UK Release of Time Travelers for 3DS.
A game i have been excited about for a long time, and its been out in japan for a while now. As one of the first games to be shown for the 3DS, I was excited for a long time about this game, I love time travel stories and this would be the perfect 3DS game for me, hopefully Level 5 will bring the game out here soon! They are doing quite well for releasing japanese games over here with the Guild 01 titles being released recently on the eShop.

Big, story driven games are hard to come by on 3DS, this would fill the gap nicely!

10. Diddy Kong Racing 2 for WiiU and 3DS! 
Ok, this one is a long shot, but as Nintendo still owns the rights to Diddy Kong, (Not RARE) These is a (smaaaallll) chance that this could happen one day, as one of my favourite kart racers of all time, I love the thought of having a whole new racing adventure with a proper single player mode, challenges and collectables! Sure Mario Kart 8 will be amazing, but Mario Kart has always felt like something is lacking compared to Diddy Kong Racing, Maybe it was the adventure mode, Maybe the amazing music by the legendary David Wise, or maybe it was the fact that DKR has not just karts, but Planes and Hovercrafts as well! Add some online play and connectivity to the 3DS game and it could be the best Kart Racer ever! The closest we ever got to seeing a sequel was the cancelled gamecube game, Donkey Kong Racing.

Donkey Kong Racing looked amazing, heres hoping for a release on the WiiU!…

Thanks for reading, what games would you guys like to see in the coming year?


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