I’m not dead!

Hello everyone, it’s been over a year since my last post, December 2011! A lot has happened in the past year as far as gaming goes, I’ve been to several events to play the latest games, including Gamescom in Germany last August. I was trying for a while to edit together a YouTube video of Gamescom but Movie Maker decided to be an idiot and not save it properly so that never got uploaded in the end. I was a bit disappointed that Nintendo wasn’t at the show but it was still a fun experience, lots of games on show and some very long queue’s to play some of them.. I did get to play the WiiU before it was released thanks to Ubisoft and Rayman Legends! (Which still hasn’t been released!) Nintendo has confirmed they will be there this year so I’m much more excited already!

Apart from Gamescom I also went to all the usual MCM expo’s. I did several cosplays last year, including, 

Blue Link (Four Swords), Pit (Kid Icarus), Nick (Lollipop Chainsaw) and Gary Oak (Pokemon). Most of them, actually all of them, with help from my girlfriend! I also went to Eurogamer and Gamefest, both of which were big game events with all the latest (and retro) games playable! I particularly enjoyed Eurogamer for its expansive retro section! I finally got to play on a Neo-Geo AES system! Is it bad that I was more excited for that and Hotel Mario than any of the new games on show? Talking of Neo-Geo I did manage to get a Neo-Geo Pocket Color and have four games for it currently including Sonic Pocket Adventure and Metal Slug! The D-Pad/Analogue Stick/ I have no idea what to call it, is amazing!

As for my collection, I’m sure I have lots of new things to talk about since the last update! Here are two Games I Got Recently video’s from last year.

Also if you want to keep up to date on my game purchases and more, please check out my Backloggery page here: http://www.backloggery.com/nicktendowii

Of course the biggest release for me last year was the WiiU! i got it at launch, actually got it the day before launch thanks to being so excited about it! At launch i picked up New Super Mario Bros. U and Sonic Transformed  as well as Nintendo Land which came bundled with the console. Since then I ave also got ZombiU and Darksiders 2. I have enjoyed all the games on it so far and can’t wait for more new releases  Pikmin 3 can’t come soon enough! If you want to add me on Miiverse then just search Nicktendowii and I should be there!

I won’t mention all the obvious Nintendo releases I’ve enjoyed over the past year so instead I’ll pick out some of the more interesting games I’ve played instead. First that comes to mind is Silent Hill Shattered Memories on the Wii, its not a traditional survival horror game, more of a cinematic experience with an engaging story and very detailed environments, especially for the Wii, it’s well worth playing if you like horror games and want something a bit different to the usual Resi or Alone in the dark style, although don’t expect many jump scares, this is more of a psychological horror game.

Next that I want to mention is a Sega Megadrive / Genesis game called Soleil, I picked it up on holiday at one of my favourite game shops (Lee’s Games in Morecambe if anyone is interested, its definitely worth a visit!) The game is similar to any 16-Bit action adventure game with lovely top down sprites and very catchy music. The main addition to this game that makes it stand out from the norm is the use of different animals which you can use to gain new abilities and access new areas, for example a butterfly which lets you throw your sword and control it in the air, or a cheetah which makes you run faster. The game is called Crusader of Centy in other countries.

Must be a good game, it has a volcano section!

Probably the best DS game I played in the past year (that wasn’t Pokemon) has to be Megaman Starforce, I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it as much as the Battle Network games due to the new battle system and different characters but it turned out to be a really enjoyable game, I managed to find a copy of the much rarer second game but I’ve yet to start it. Recently I’ve got quite a few new Megaman games for my collection, several imports from Japan, including Rockman 7, X2 and X3, as well as all the virtual console re-releases so far! I also got the rare Megaman art book, Complete Works, a Megaman 10 plushie, a 15th anniversary Megaman figure, a Megaman hoodie, another Megaman art book, Megaman IV on gameboy.. The list goes on. Plenty of new blue bomber goodies even if Capcom won’t give me anything new! (No, Xover and Street Fighter X Megaman don’t count!)

I haven’t had as much time to make video’s or write here recently so I’m sorry for the long absence and I hope perhaps I can get back into writing at least!

Thanks for reading!

Sorry to keep ya waiting!

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