The year in GAMING (2011)

2011’s game is over.

As the year comes to an end, I will be looking back at some of my favourite games of 2011, at the start of the year i made a note on Facebook, which I was using to keep track of all the games I bought and completed. Unfortunately, half way through the year, I think I must have forgotten about it.. Because it hasn’t been updated since Zelda OOT 3D.. So in 2012, on my Backloggery page, I will be keeping track of every game I buy and complete. And I will do my best to keep it updated all year!         

One of the first games I played this year was the Clannad visual novel, I started it in January, after watching the film on new years eve. It’s an amazing game, There is also an Anime, based off the game.  Even now I still play it to get different endings.

Another game early on in the year was Kingdom hearts Re-Coded for the DS which was a very fun game, like a remake of the 1st kingdom hearts game but with more missions and some strange story about virtual universes and umm.. yeah i dont really get it.. i preferred 358/2 days XD i also got Sin and Punichment 2 around the same time. click here to check out my impressions of it!

In Febuary came one of nintendo’s most fun games of the year, and certainly one of the best looking games of the year, it was, Kirby’s Epic Yarn. a lovely game game. quite easy but plenty of extras to find for people who want more of a challenge. it is one of the best kirby games i’ve played. regardless of the fact that it plays quite differently to an average kirby game. and it came with a free hat! what’s not to love! also in febuary was the awesome 2D anime goth shooter, Deathsmiles!

The 3DS was released in march, after much hype following its announcement at E3 the year before. pretty much everyone agrees, the launch line up could have been a lot batter, but even so, i picked it up on day 1, along with Pliotwings and Super monkey ball 3D. both games were extremely short, but i had a lot of fun with Pilotwings, finding all the Info points in the free flight mode is still one of my favourite moments on the 3DS so far! although the DS still was going strong with some great new released like Okamiden, Dragon Quest VI and Monsters 2 and Rune factory 3 among others! heres a post about the final years of the DS

After I managed to put aside the 3DS, I picked up the PSP and an import game I was very excited to get, Project Diva. A music rhythm game from sega, with songs and video’s from the virtual singer, Miku Hatsune and some other Vocaloids. i’m a huge fan of Miku so I really enjoyed the game! you can read about it here, along with Sonic and sega all stars racing and Odin Shere, which is possibly the best looking 2D game i’ve ever seen. and also one of the most frustrating!!

In May i went to the London MCM Expo and picked up lots of street pass! 😀 and a few games. the best of which was the Phantasy Star collection on GBA. I also got to play a lot of game demo’s there! including a game i would pick up later in the year, Arcana Heart 3. the most awesome all girl fighting game of the show! (well infact the only one..) but everyone enjoyed playing it and i even bought a T-shirt and poster for the game
During the year i also went to the Febuary and October MCM Expo’s as well. got some cool NES games at the October one! Snake Rattle and Roll is brilliant! 😀

Around this time i also completed Ar Tonelico 2 which had fast become one of the best PS2 games i’d played! i wont talk about it here because i wrote a fairly lengthy article about it on here. click this to check it out!

Of course, once again, E3 was full of surprise announcements! lots of games were shown in more depth for the 3DS. most of which are still waiting for a release.. and the announcement for the wii U was exciting, even if nintendo themselves admitted they could have shown it off better.

In June, The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of time 3D was released, i got it day 1 of course, even though i’ve completed the game game countless times on the N64, Gamecube and Wii! but with a game that good i don’t think i’ll ever get bored of replaying it! also, one of my friends who worked in game at the time was kind enough to let he have one of the promotional standees for the game!

I don’t buy many games for the PC, even less through Steam. but one game came out that i couldn’t pass up, Chantellise. from the creators of the game Recettear. its a fairly basic adventure game with very nice graphics and a good magic system. its very hard to start with and you have to get lots of money to buy new equipment. but it was worth sticking at and i did complete it eventually! hope they release more games in the future!

i went on holiday and to some other places in the summer, and happened to pick up a lot of games while i was there. heres a video. enjoy. While i was away, a very important wii game was released, which i couldn’t want to get back and play, it was.. the one and only Xenoblade Chronicles. which is now my all time favorite RPG. it really is amazing. if you live in the UK. go buy it now! no excuses! and good news for people in the US, its finally been announced for you guys as well! Heres a lets play of Megaman 3 for the Gameboy which i got at a festival i went to.
When i went back to Uni in september, i was set a challenge. I wasn’t allowed to buy any more than 5 games between the beginning of September and Christmas. except for new Nintendo releases or sonic games, (as i had already preordered generations) I didn’t think it would be possible, for me.. who usually buys that many games each week, to not buy more than 5. but somehow i managed to pull it off! the games were:

Mischief Makers: an amazingly fun 2D platformer for the N64 made by Treasure, so expect lots of action packed gameplay and some great level design!

Pacman Vs: One of the best multiplayer games i’ve played, uses the GBA to link up with the gamecube for 4 player Pacman fun!

Trails in the Sky: a very long RPG for the PSP. the first in a new trilogy of games called Legend of Heroes. has great music, and came with a soundtrack CD which i have listened to on repeat! amazing so far.

Sonic Classic Collection: the first 4 sonic games on the DS, also includes lock on for sonic 2 and 3 with knuckles. great collection and good to play them on the DS!

Starfox 64 3D: brilliant remake of the N64 classic, the new graphics are an amazing improvement and it feels great to fly around using the new 3D slider!

During this time, the most important game this year was released, The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword. it quickly became my favourite Zelda game and i still stick by that statement. immaculate level design and controls! and once you get about half way through the game, the story really picks up! i almost cried at one bit.. simply stunning game. i’m actually half way through it for the 2nd time now. what a fantastic way to end the year of Zelda’s 25th Anniversary! I actually went to London to see the Zelda 25th Anniversary symphony orcestra, it was an incredible experience! even if i didnt manage to get any merchandise because it was all sold out

To finish up the year, this Christmas i got another addition to my growing console collection, a PS3 with a nice selection of games, thanks to the sales! i’m playing through Eternal Sonata at the moment. as well as the PS3, the 3DS also got some great games to finish up the year. Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. both of which are brilliant additions to their series.

Heres hoping lots more awesome games get released next year!

Happy new year everyone!

Downstream with the Flip Flops, Timepants! see you all in 2012!

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