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as you probably all know, i spend a lot (probably too much) on games… i’ve got another 20 or so in the last few months alone… so i wanted to give my opinions on some of them. of course i wont write about all of them because that would take far too long and both me writing this, and you reading this, would get bored. So i’ll just pick a hand full of games and talk a bit about them..

Project Diva! (PSP)

got this from Play Asia, i love Vocaloid music and Miku so i’ve been after this game for ages! 😀 very glad i’ve finally got it!

The game its self is a music rhythm game where you have to press the correct button in time with the music and the icons on screen. its a lot of fun, especially on Hard mode where you need to use all 4 of the buttons. the song list is good and had quite a few that i hadn’t heard which is always good, along with some of my favourites, World is mine, Melt, Last Night Good Night and more. as you play through the game there are lots of unlockables to collect including new costumes for Miku, as well as some other characters, (Rin, Len and Luka) decorations for the house and new songs / difficulties. For most of the songs in the game, they are accompanied by an animated music video that plays in the background, they look amazing on the PSP’s big screen and are very well animated, although, sometimes if theres a lot going on the frame rate slows down a bit, but its still perfectly playable. some of the very fast songs near the end of the game only have pictures instead of the 3D animations.

apart from the music mode, there is also a mode where you can decorate a house, called Miku’s Room, here you can play background music, including some songs that were not playable in the game! (including on of my favourites, Luka’s “Double Lariat”)   in this mode you can also take photos to save to the memory card inside the psp. you can also play any music you have on your psp in this mode. i found there were some classic SEGA consoles you can unlock to put in the room, which was a nice suprise!

if your thinking of getting this but don’t like the thought of playing a japanese game, don’t worry, the menu’s are simple to navigate and you will quickly learn what everything does, i also found this website helpful to learn where and what the options do: http://projectdiva.wikispaces.com/

Next game is: 

Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing (Wii)

Not quite on par with the awesome Mario Kart Wii (damn, if only it was a golf game, that would have been an ace pun!) (damn, if only that pun would have been about tennis… never mind.. back to the game..)

Don’t go into this thinking its just another sonic racing game. The amount of Saga in this game will be reason enough for most people to play this, it has everything you could want from SEGA in here, its got Ulala from space channel 5, AiAi from Monkey ball, Beat from Jet Set Radio, Billy Hatcher from…. Billy Hatcher 😛 Alex Kidd!, Even Ryo from Shenmue is a playable character! the stages in this game are its best feature and they all are well planned and fun to race on, and all taken from other classic Sega titles! 

here’s Ryo on his motorbike on the Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg stage:

the game is incredibly colourful and the graphics are really nice and detailed. there is also a great selection of music from loads of past sega games, including songs from Sonic R! amazing! 😀 

Apart from the normal Gran Prix mode, there is also a mission mode, where you have to do challenges and get graded on how well you did, Time trials, and an online mode, which i haven’t tried yet… a very fun game and an easy recommendation for Sega fans!

Odin Sphere (PS2)

AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! is what I scream as I throw my controller against the wall after being killed by a boss for the millionth time….. This game is HARD with a capital EVERYTHING!! but apart from its insane boss fights, its a great game so far, let me tell you a bit about it…

first off.. HOLY MOTHER OF 2D SPRITES! this game looks insanely good!

the attention to detail that has gone into the characters and background really is incredible, the animation is very smooth and the whole thing feels like a painting come to life.. now I’ve finished drooling over the beauty of the game i will do my best to explain the gameplay.

Throughout the game you will play as several different characters, each with their own story’s. At the moment im still on the first character, Gwendolynn’s story. She is the daughter of King Odin, her sister Griselda, gets killed in battle and Gwendolyn, she inherits her spear, which has a crystal on the end which can absorb Phozons which let you use magic abilities. She is a warrior and you have to travel to many different places killing enemies and collecting treasure. the game is more of an action game than an RPG, Each level is split into sections, and each section is like a circle, so for example, you can run all the way to the right and end up at the same place again. the objective in each area (apart from the shops) is to kill all the enemies or the boss. Thanks to the map at the top of the screen, which shows an outline of everything happening within the stage, its easy to find the enemies, you have a basic attack which is assigned to the Square button. and you can press triangle to bring up a list of magic spells. 

The yellow circle you can see in the bottom right of the screen is the map of the section you are in, the yellow dots are exits, you have to check the over all map to see where they take you. 

you level up, not by fighting enemies, but by eating, using items or by other means, to eat you have to first plant a seed which grows into a tree and grows fruit, each seed takes a certain number of phozons to grow. When you kill an enemy it releases phosons and they can be absorbed by holding R which powers up the blue bar in the top left, which gives you the power you need to use magic spells, or they can also be absorbed by seeds that you plant in the floor. it sounds complicated but its fine once you get used to it. The game also includes  very in depth alchemy system where you have to mix certain items together to make new ones. you get scrolls through out the adventure telling you what you have to mix.

one more thing worth noting, the music in this game is amazing too, composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto, the composter for final fantasy XII. its all very epic orchestral music and really sets the tone for the game.

It’s certainly not a game for everyone but so far im finding it to be a very enjoyable experience (apart from the damn boss fights!!) 

Pilotwings Resort (3DS)

the long awaited sequel to Pilotwings 64… but was it worth the wait..?

the game is basically Wii Sports Resort Airplane mode with extras.. the game is set on the same island, and the free flight mode in this pilotwings is more or less the same as the one on wii sports. you fly around in the plane and pop balloons (which is much more fun than it sounds)

the game is split into two modes, Missions and Free Flight. Missions range from basic flying through rings, to rounding up UFO’s and taking them to the mother ship. along with poping balloons and following other planes, doing tricks, landing on platforms etc, so theres plenty of variety. The first few sets are extremely easy and cen be a bit dull, but from Silver up to Platinum they are more enjoyable. It’s fun to re-try the missions to improve your score and aim to get 3 Star ranking on all of them. I’ve managed a *** rank on all of the Novice, Bronze and Silver missions and i’m now working on Gold. 

Apart from the plane you can also fly using a Jet Pack and Hand-Glider, same as the other two Pilotwings games. there are also three unlockable vehicles to get, a faster Jet Plane, Super Rocket Belt and a Pedal Glider. these (apart from the pedal glider) are just faster versions of the same thing.

The main part of this game, and where you’ll be spending most of your flying time, is the free flight mode, where you are given a certain amount of time to explore the island and pop as many balloons, and find as many (i) Information points as possible. for every 30 balloons you pop, 30 seconds extra is added to the timer. The game also has three separate times of day to fly around in, and each time of day has a different set of balloons to find. Each vehicle also has its own collectables, the plane had rings with your mii’s face on, which could be at any angle or spinning around, and depending on what the mii inside is doing, you have to do the same while flying through it in the plane. the rocket belt has present boxes that contain your mii which are hidden all around the island. and the hand glider has gold rings you need to fly through.

It is a very good game, but maybe a bit too relaxed, i enjoyed my time casually flying over Wuhu island looking for (i) points and exploring the caves and passageways in the island. but i can understand that some people might find this very dull and just finish the missions and then forget about the game. 

theres some interesting uses of mii’s in this game, not only do you fly as your mii, but also, depending on the colour of your shirt, it changes the colour of the airplane / hand glider! nothing special, just a small extra i noticed.

In my opinion i think this is just as good as the previous pilotwings games and if you enjoyed them its definitely worth playing. 

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