Thats just CRAZY!

Was just playing Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and I just finished the Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg course, and i thought to my self, “Wow, Billy Hatcher was such a strange game….” so it got me thinking, what other strange games have i played???….

Super Putty (SNES)

in this game you play as a ball of putty, (as the title suggests) that lives in outer space.. you can stretch yourself out to reach places, and bounce around the screen. the aim of the game is to defeat the enemies in each stage, which turn into babies when you kill them, yes, actual babies, that bounce around wearing nothing but a nappy…. but sometimes a strange cat breaks through the background and laughs at you before stealing the baby! the enemies in the first level are snails and mushrooms… no idea how a baby managed to get itself into either of them…  To be honest i’ve never got much further than the first level… im not sure if i want to… 😛

Freak Out (PS2)

This game is easily one of the weirdest things i have ever seen and played.. you play as a girl called Linda who is one of 12 sisters, all of her sisters are vain and do nothing but buy new cloths and put on make-up all day, linda isn’t like this at all, the only piece of clothing she likes is her scalf. one day Linda was on her way to get her sisters cosmetics order from the mall when on the way back she walks past a truck which delivers a box to their house, in the box is a magical doorway that talks to the sisters, it tells them basically that they can get better cosmetics if they go through the door. of course they all go through it. Linda sees the door and moves towards it slowly,  the door tells her to go through it and save her sisters.. and thats when the game starts… and it just gets wierder from there..
the game is split into two sections, levels and bosses, there are only 3 levels (maybe 4, i dont remember) and the only reason to go to them is to get enough points to excercise the bosses with a demon that lives in your scalf, then bring your sisters back to life… but to get the points you have to walk around the levels and…… use your scalf to pinch peoples boobs…. yes you heard correct….. the idea is to grab onto the enemies head and flick it so they explode, but all the enemies have gigantic breasts…. they are also uses as a helicopter to fly away….. i’ve honestly never played anything as surreal as this… its fun but soooo crazy… XD the boss fights are great though..

if you want to read a review i wrote on Freak Out check this link:

Zoo Cube: (GC)

Animal’s heads fall out of the sky and stick to a floating cube that was sent to collect these flying animal heads. the story goes that some scientist was making a device that could change the size and shape of animals (for some reason..) but it went wrong and all the animals turned into cubes so its your job to pilot the “Zoo Cube” and bring the animals back to their normal shape… its a fun puzzle game but a strange concept… also extra points go to having a real life monkey on the box! 😀

Parodius (SNES)

Plays much like a drugged up version of gradius, you can pilot either an octopus, a penguin, the Vic Viper from gradius or Twinbee from the twinbee series. the game has some mental stages and bosses… just take a look at these screen shots…….

That will do for now, im sure i could think of more but i’ve got work to do.. 
Till next time.


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