Hardcore Gaming 101!

Archive post from Sunday, 3 April 2011

Hardcore Gaming 101!

hey guys, just a quick post.  I’ve been listening to the Hardcore Gaming 101 Podcast, which is extremely awesome and definitely worth listening to if you like retro or obscure games, especially 2D ones! 😀 you can download them here: http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/podcasts.htm there’s only 6 episodes.

also the website is really good if you like games: http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/

so, as i’ve been listening to them, heres some games i want to get / play!

first is Sigma Star Saga, by Way forward, its an RPG with battles that switch into a shooting game in space. hard to explain but it sounds cool. oh, and also Contra 4 for the DS which is made by the same company.

Melty Blood, which is a dojinshi fighting game for the PC (which im downloading now!)

Odin Sphere for the PS2, which is an amazing looking platformer / RPG with lots of characters. i’ve really wanted to play this for ages! but first i need to find a way of playing american PS2 games on my PS2… if anyone knows how, please let me know in the comments!! 😀
and if i can’t find this or play it on the ps2, then theres also Muramasa the demon blade for the wii..
i’d also like to play Princess Crown, which is the prequel to odin sphere but it was only released in japan on the saturn which is a shame 🙁

Arcana Heart, a PS2 2D fighting game (not sure if its released in english)

It’s a shame that 2D games like these are hardly released any more, on consoles at least… 🙁

not related to the HCG101 podcast, but theres quite a lot of games i want for the PS3, (one of the only consoles i don’t actually own!) but thats for another time…

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