My thoughts on: Sin and Punishment Successor of the Skies

My thoughts on: Sin and Punishment Successor of the SkiesPosted: Jan. 14, 2011, 5:03 p.m. Related to:Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies

I had been meaning to pick this up for a while, and im glad i did! 
as many people probably have too, when the original sin and punishment was released on the virtual console i kept hearing about how good it was, unfortunately i never got round to downloading it, however i was also aware that an equally good sequel was avaliable as a full retail release on the wii. i put off buying it for a while because when it was released and for a few months after, it was on sale for £39.99 which i thought was a bit too expensive for what i thught would be a short, but fun, arcade style game. well i waited for the sales and got it for only £15! 

i was right about only one thing, it is fun and arcade style, but it definitely isn’t short, and it worth every penny!

the game has only 7 levels, but they last anywhere from 5 mins to almost an hour, add extra characters and 3 difficulty levels and its quite a long game! 
i havent tried the game as the other character yet, she flies on a hover board and can target multiple enemies at once. so this will add some replay value to the game, another thing that adds value is the inclusion of a world wide, and local high score table, each time to beat a level, you score gets uploaded via nintendo wifi connection and you can compare your score and times with everyone else around the world! i came 88th overall for UK and Ireland at the end of the game, which i was pleased about! lol

i played through on normal, using ISA, he can fly and run on the ground, and has a charge shot which takes time to re-charge but does a lot of damage. 

the controls are best when using a wiimote and nunchuck, you use the wiimote to point at the screen and aim the cursor, the nunchuch is used to move your character around the screen, press the Z button to dodge and the A button to charge your special shot. you hold down the B button on the back of the remote to shoot, i found these controls much better to use than the classic or gamecube controller. 

the closest game to compare it to is probably Lylat wars. or maybe the panzer dragoon series, although you get much more control of your character in this..

the game is VERY hard, i died countless times on some of the bosses, and there are a LOT of bosses! each is killed in a different way and it is very fun to try and figure out how to kill a certain boss! each level is action packed and the action does not let up once dirung the whole game. it is very exciting to play and i would reccomend it to anyone who enjoys fast paces action games, so probably not that many people with a wii then… its not for casual gamers at all. my mum tried to play it and she died immediately and said she didn’t have a clue what was going on! XD

there are a few issues with the game i feel i have to address. first, using the sword is awkward, and quite irritating especially on (Spoiler) The last boss, as you have to use the sword attack to defelect projectiles which appear from all angles on the screen, and if you don’t hit them they hit the person you are trying to protect.(spoiler finished)  to use the sword you have to tap the B button, (which is also the button used for shooting) but you can only swing the sword 3 times before your character has to stop and re charge, however this leaves you open for attack, and sometimes when you stop shooting and then try to shoot again you will accidentally use the sword instead. another gripe i have is that there is no retry button, so if you know you are going to fail at a boss fight you have to still play it all the way through of kill yourself as there is no way to retry. 

apart from this the game is amazing, there are great boss fights scattered throughout the levels, the graphics are smooth and run at a constant 60fps which is really nice and definitely makes the game better to play.

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