Rhapsody DS (mini review)

Rhapsody A Musical Adventure, was one of the best ds games i have played in a while, it was quite short for an RPG, i finished it in 13 hours, although it was short it has a good story which is well written, funny at times but serious when it needs to be. as this is a “Musical Adventure” instead of big cut scenes, you had musical performances from people in the game! this was a great idea, the music is really good and adds a lot of atmosphere to the game, i enjoyed it. Some negative points are that in the dungeons, the same rooms are repeated a lot, although this doesn’t matter a lot because there is a map on the top screen showing you which room your in, the graphics were lovely, almost look like a painting. Fights are turn based but it also has a Auto option which attacks for you, i think this was a great addition, some people wont like it but it is optional so you don’t have to use it. Overall this is one of the bast RPG’s on the ds and if your not to bothered by the length of the game, i would definitely recommend it! the characters are memorable and the story is really nice, although it may be a but too cute for some people. 9/10 go get it! and its cheap too ^_^ so no excuses! 

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