Playing Eternal Sonata

i have played it for about 3 hours so far, only got it yesterday so give me chance! i think its really good the graphics are incredibly, not the technical standard but the style is just lovely it really looks amazing and has to be seen to be believed, its good enough to be a movie its that good, as for story its quite origonal, its about a famous composer in the 1800’s who is dying from tuberculosis, it is said that when someone is about to die they have the most pleasent of dreams, so the game takes place in this mans dream, throughout the game you are told the story of, his dream, and of him in his bed in the 1800’s the game frequently tries to explain that if he believes so much in the world he has created in his mind then he might take that for the true reality and never wake up. in his dream there are several characters each vith separate story lines, where im at now the two stories in his dream have joined up, Polka, a girl who has a bad desiese that means she can use magic but will die soon, meets up with two boys who are on a mission to cut taxes on food so they dont have to steal bread to give to people who cant afford any food. they meet up with each other at the point im at in the game now, also in his dream world is the man who is dying called Fredric, he also can use magic and is about to die both in his dream and real life. the music is also amazing and really sets the atmosphere of the game. i will definitely play this game all the way through to the end. the characters in the game are all really well made with their own stories and you really feel for them. i think Polka is really nice and feel sorry for her having her desiese and because of a rumour no one will go near her so she is always ignored by everyone as they think its contagious. she tries to go to the city and sell her minerals but no one will buy them off her. sorry if i ranted on a bit there but i just wanted to let you all know a bit about the game and how i feel about it.

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